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Thanks to the dedication, commitment, honest and constant hard work of our team, ETS has today an important position in the Energy Management and Engineering Sector.

During our almost 20 years of existence, we evolved, we grew, we adjusted our strategy and organisation to the market’s evolution, investing on our business’ strengths and core activities, whilst always appreciating the efforts of our employees who are always available to satisfy our client’s’ needs on a daily basis.

We work with quality and innovation to provide the best solutions for each client or project. This reality would not be possible without the professionalism and determination of all employees, clients, suppliers and other partners with whom we work daily.

"We have been impressed by ETS’ professionalism, commitment and moreover the energy savings made" - Energy Manager, National Retailer

"In particular, we have found that ETS take considerable care in understanding our client’s requirements and personally explaining and interpreting what can sometimes be very technical information.”
- Head of Facilities, Managing Agent

Core Services

We offer three core services comprising energy management, technical engineering services and compliance, along with a number of complimentary services such as Project Management, Supply Chain Management, Technical Specifications, Condition Surveys, Electrical Recharges / Cost Apportionment, Energy Procurement and Bill Validation which we can tailor to suit individual requirements.

Whilst all our services are provided in-house, we are not constrained by this style of service offering. Where required by the client, we can offer turnkey solutions utilising our extensive and approved supply chain.

Technical Energy Centre (TEC)
Energy Audits
Behavioural Change
Renewable Technology Consultancy
M&E Consultancy
Project Management
Building Performance Optimisation
Specialist Engineering Consultancy
ESOS / EAS Assessments
ISO 50001 Audits
Air Conditioning Inspections (TM44)

"I have been totally satisfied with their service. Within one year, controls were introduced to produce savings that have enabled us to reduce costs significantly. Indeed, our electricity costs have only just reached the level they were at five years ago. We have also cut our oil consumption by 15%." - Head of Office Services and Facilities, Managing Agent


We provide director level involvement from start to finish and can draw on the expertise of our in-house Chartered Energy Managers, Chartered Engineers, Low Carbon Consultants, Certified Measurement and Verfication Professionals (CMVP), ESOS Lead Assessors and ISO 50001 Lead Auditors to resource our projects.

Phil Warren

Managing Director

Liam Rafferty

Commercial and Finance Director

Phil Bilyard

Operations Director

John Kane

Business Unit Director (Ireland)

Technical Expertise

Due Diligence Inspections
Lifecycle Costing
HVAC Troubleshooting
PPM Contract Tendering
Project Management
BMS Control Advice
Refrigeration Expertise
ISO50001 Energy Management Systems
Technical Energy Centre Bespoke Service


Chartered Energy Managers
Chartered Engineers
Low Carbon Consultants
Certified Measurement and Verification Professionals
ESOS Lead Assessors
ISO 50001 Lead Auditors

Our Approach

Every sector and industry has its own challenges in managing energy consumption, but no matter what project we work on, our approach remains the same.


We scrutinise and meticulously collect project data when considering new energy saving initiatives. Our Certified Measurement and Verification Professionals adopt a holistic approach when analysing energy data and take great care in considering all the variables which may influence any savings proposed.

Complete Independence and Transparency

We pride ourselves as impartial consultants and remain independent from any suppliers or contractors. This independence is highly valued by our clients and ensures they can trust information or recommendations we provide. We also believe collaboration is key to establishing a mutual understanding of a project and ensuring key objectives are met.

Continual Improvement

Our tried and tested systems / processes are consistently applied to all our projects, ensuring quality standards remain the same across the business. Our dedication to continually improve customer satisfaction is demonstrated by our ongoing investment into new technologies and proactive engagement in identifying new energy saving initiatives to deliver more efficient working practices.

Benchmarking - Setting Standards

We are known for the professional integrity we demonstrate in the delivery of every project. As leaders in our field, we are constantly striving to improve the industry we operate in and work with recognised bodies to promote CPD certified training in energy management.

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