ETS Automation

Dedicated building and plant
automation support across all stages
of a building's controls lifecycle



As businesses across all sectors become increasingly attuned to the Smart Building agenda, and the significant opportunities that are available for cost efficiency, improved environmental performance and to satisfy occupant health and wellbeing, the need for specialist and experienced advice regarding Building Management Systems and advanced controls has never been greater.

All buildings, and the assets within those buildings, provide multiple data points that, when analysed correctly, enable our team to tailor energy solutions that are cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Based in our Bristol HQ but operating from our four offices across the UK and Ireland, the ETS Automation team has a wealth of BMS control and panel building experience and expertise, and are extremely passionate about the impact that their work has on improving the performance of buildings and reducing their associated impact on the environment.

ETS Automation also offer integrated Building Management Systems, including power and lighting control plus control panel design and manufacture, with quality panels that are bespoke for projects in the building energy and automation industry.

As with everything ETS does, the Automation team always focuses on the client, the specific issues and budget first, and remain completely independent from any specific manufacturer.

ETS Automation


Independent, experienced and specialist BMS and controls experts.
Bringing new levels of control and performance to individual buildings and entire portfolios.
Optimising the energy efficiency of buildings drives reduced financial overheads and improved sustainability credentials in operation.
Integration of legacy systems to the IOT.
Maintaining appropriate internal comfort conditions ensures building occupants are happy, healthy and productive.
Improved granularity of insight enables predictive maintenance of building services plant and equipment, appropriate management of operational continuity risk, and improved capital budgeting for maintenance.
Improved environmental performance of buildings significantly contributes to the achievement of our clients’ internal sustainability strategies and goals.


The ETS Automation team works across all stages in a building’s controls lifecycle – from designing, installing and commissioning Building Management Systems, metering, sensors and controls in buildings where they don’t exist, to the optimisation of the strategies and parameters currently being used to control a property by in-situ systems.

In addition, we support clients to upgrade existing hardware and software, to address legacy or redundancy / obsolescence issues - for example where the existing systems are at end-of-life or are no longer supported by their manufacturer.

These services can be deployed at all scales, from individual buildings to multi-site portfolios, to drive cost efficiency, carbon reduction, and occupant health & wellbeing across entire organisations.

Whilst the team supports the vast majority of manufacturers, we always remain ‘technology agnostic’ and focussed on our clients’ best interests – only making recommendations that address current issues whilst ensuring that their buildings are future-proofed as technology in this sector develops over the years.

Service Features

  • Access to expert BMS, BeMS, and controls specialist advice on appropriate technological solutions
  • A ‘whole market’ view of all available technologies and systems, without bias to any specific manufacturers, enables the ETS Automation team to make fully tailored and bespoke recommendations to our clients to address their specific needs.
  • Designing, installing and commissioning BMS and controls systems for buildings where they don’t currently exist.
  • Upgrading existing systems that have come to end-of-life, or are no longer supported by their manufacturer.
  • Integrating new / existing metering and advanced sensor solutions into the wider Building Management System to enable increased granularity of insight into areas for improved building performance.
  • Fine-tuning the controls strategies of existing systems to realise every area of available financial and carbon saving, whilst maintaining optimal internal comfort conditions for building occupants.
  • Manufacture of ‘in house’ bespoke panels suitable for the application, future proofing without over engineering.

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