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Reactivate your building efficiently and safely

When reactivating buildings for your business, it's important to choose a partner who can help you achieve your goals fast and efficiently.

The benefits of the ETS approach are numerous, and include:

  • Low cost and rapidly deployed solution.
  • Technical insight and detailed information to facilitate building reactivation in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, across both pre and post occupancy stages.
  • Adherence to CIBSE and REHVA best practice guidance.
  • Reactivation of buildings in an appropriate and considered manner, with a keen eye on mitigating overconsumption of electricity and gas, and any associated operational cost increase.
  • Reassurance to tenants and occupants regarding the provision of safe working environments, to facilitate building reoccupation.
  • Independent validation of actions taken by Property Managers and FMs, which may incur additional service charge expenditure.
  • Service delivery at pace and scale across multiple properties and building types, throughout the UK and Ireland.

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The Challenge

The full or partial mothballing of buildings in response to the national COVID-19 lockdowns across the UK and Europe has been a necessary and sensible response to the restrictions placed on individuals and businesses to safeguard the health and wellbeing of staff and clients alike.

However, as these restrictions gradually ease, the reactivation of properties poses both technical and commercial challenges to Asset Managers, Property Managers and Facilities Managers, including:

  • The duty on all businesses to address the concerns of staff and clients regarding returning to the workplace and the of provision safe working environments.
  • Facilities Managers being stretched for capacity and technical resource to respond to these concerns in a holistic and timely manner, across multiple properties and regions.
  • Commercial pressures on Property Managers to facilitate the reoccupation of tenanted space, to enable ongoing rent receipts and financial viability.
  • Similar pressures on Property Managers to identify and justify additional service charge capex spend on HVAC and building services alterations that may be required to meet prevailing best practice guidance with regard to COVID-19.


The ETS Solution

To address these issues and meet the needs for independent and specialist insight with regard to building services equipment, ETS has a specific service covering both pre and post-occupancy stage, including:


Initial Consultation

Evaluation of ‘return to work’ plans and risk assessments from a building services perspective, to provide Property Managers and FMs with insight into potential HVAC requirements and any impacts on other tenants.


Site Audit & Action Plan

Physical building audit of central plant, common parts and tenanted demises to assess HVAC, BMS & Controls, closed-loop water systems and other relevant fixed equipment from a capability and serviceability perspective.

Development of a building-specific Action Plan, with associated recommendation reporting on measures that should be taken to ensure the operation of building services in accordance with CIBSE and REHVA best practice guidelines.



Action Plan Gap Analysis

A follow-up physical building audit, conducted approximately 1-2 weeks following building reoccupation, against the recommendations made in the pre-occupancy Action Plan, along with an operational internal comfort and CO2 assessment, to identify gaps or incomplete tasks.

Provision of an updated Action Plan, detailing areas for further investigation/action to achieve alignment with best practice.


Our Expertise

Working with some of the UK’s largest organisations and property companies, we have been involved in some of the country’s most high-profile commercial estates.

In this demanding environment investors, occupiers and managers must continue to maximise their return on investment and manage the costs involved in operating their property assets, whilst providing space that promotes the health & wellbeing of occupants and optimises sustainability performance.

Our consultants have extensive multi-sectoral experience in resolving complex engineering issues which improve operational performance.

With an international team of consulting engineers, we can address all aspects of building services, including Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), Refrigeration, Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) Engineering, Lighting, BMS and Controls.

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