BNP Paribas Real Estate – HVAC Upgrade

Client: BNP Paribas Real Estate

Value: £70k

Duration: 8 weeks

Role: Energy Management; Technical Engineering; M&E Consultancy

System / Service: M&E Services; HVAC Plant and Equipment

Project Scope

ETS was appointed by BNP PRE to improve the comfort conditions and reduce the capital expenditure at 100 Hagley Road, Birmginham. Large parts of the building were not being heated/cooled correctly resulting in the central boilers and chillers being left in operation 24/7. Despite multiple engineer call outs, BNP continued to receive complaints from tenants and were quoted £500,000 to repair the existing HVAC system.

We quickly identified the flow of heat exchange fluids could be improved from within the installed pipework. The hot and cold water circuits were flushed out over a period of eight weeks with the tenants still in occupation and new flexible hoses were fitted to all fan coil units. ETS successfully recommissioned the existing HVAC system for £70,000 instead of £500,000, as originally quoted.

Key Challenges

BNP required the building to remain fully operational whilst the works where carried out. Early stakeholder engagement with client representatives and tenants helped identified troublesome areas in the building and ensured works did not disrupt the existing tenants.

Added Value / Achievements

As impartial consultants, we were able select the most appropriate course of action for our client avoiding unnecessary/costly repairs. After works were completed, comfort conditions were met resulting in a massive reduction in tenant complaints. In addition to the money saved from endless call outs, energy consumption was also reduced.

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