Sims Metal Management – Design & Specification

Client: Sims Metal Management

Value: £50k

Duration: 2 weeks

Role: Project Manager; M&E Consultancy and Design, Technical Engineering

System / Service: Dry Cooler; Chilled & Condensed Water Systems

Project Scope

ETS was appointed to provide technical expertise on the design and manufacture of a new Dry Cooler, as the existing motor on the shredding plant needed to be replaced with a more operationally efficient model.

After successfully delivering the designs and specifications, we continued to work with client representatives to procure works for the commissioning of the new 4,476kWh water cooled motor before novating to Transtherm.

Our consultant identified a number of challenging environmental and working conditions during the initial site survey. Working closely with contractors and client representatives, our team ensured the new equipment would be easy to maintain and could operate under varying torque loads and temperatures.

Key Challenges

The design of the Dry Cooler and Controls needed to maintain motor temperatures between 250C to 300C in ambient conditions and operate under varying torque loads. Our consultants undertook complex rejected heat load calculations to ensure the recommended options would meet this requirement.

Added Value / Achievements

Our consultants’ valuable product knowledge and experience ensured our client was presented with the best options available and provided with appropriate guidance on maintenance / serviceability.

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