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Businesses want to stay relevant, innovative, profitable, and competitive. However, converging trends and environmental pressure are also pushing businesses to make effective changes, which is becoming challenging for them to interlink. This includes existing businesses using obsolete and resource-consuming methods to analyze their energy profile and implementing ineffective practices to reduce energy costs and carbon footprint. Fortunately, smart solutions in energy management are emerging and designed to monitor, control, optimize, and maintain real-time energy usage of all building assets. Such that, it can optimize operational efficiency and environmental performance, reduce energy usage, carbon emissions and costs, and improve internal comfort conditions.

Smart energy solutions to help your business

The following below are the types of smart solutions that can significantly help your business:

  • Connected building – An end-to-end connectivity process of all the systems and electrical equipment which enables remote access and insight into a business’s real-time performance data and issues. 
  • Building Management Systems (BMS) – A computer-based control system with IoT-enabled that optimizes control over electrical equipment, enhances internal comfort conditions, and anticipates any maintenance required for building assets. 
  • Internal air quality – With the integration of BMS, one can monitor and control a range of key parameters and internal conditions to ensure a healthier surrounding and air quality for people and employees.
  • Smart space – Deploying smart space technologies like advanced sensor and control systems provides deeper insights into granular metrics that is significant to the business. It enables a business to identify areas for space flexibility and smart functionality.

Ultimately, implementing smart solutions is the way forward and will bolster your position as one of the leaders of the sector. With the UK government introducing stringent laws and strongly encouraging businesses to tackle climate change, it will eventually spur businesses to become smarter and more connected.  

How can ETS help? 

At ETS, our range of services can accompany you on the journey to becoming a smarter and more connected business. With the utilization of legacy systems and a suite of bespoke energy management tools, our team of Energy Managers and Data Analysts can competently and remotely respond to any requirements that you may have. This includes accurately monitoring and reporting a variety of real-time performance data and metrics, controlling, and optimizing operational performances and identifying any irregularities with your energy consumption. With the UK government and many sectors recognizing the smart energy transition, this is the perfect time for your business to seek our support in smart energy management.

To discuss your requirements, get in touch. You can contact us by calling 0117 205 0542 or drop us an email at enquiries@energy-ts.com. 

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