Winter Energy Prices x10 Predicted This Time Last Year

All energy users, whether domestic, industrial, or commercial, have experienced significant energy cost increases in the past 12 months. Against the background of increased post-pandemic industrial and commercial activity causing an increased demand for energy around the world and the ongoing political instability in Europe, out of contract electricity and natural gas users have seen their costs treble against typical historical budgets. For the impending Winter 2022 period, the situation is forecast to be much worse.

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The figure above shows that energy prices are ten times (x10) that forecasted last year. ETS are already aware of major retailers referring to the impending “Energy Armageddon”, have spoken with industry bodies who have real concerns about their members going out of business, and have read about major retail outlets in Europe planning to reduce opening hours and store lighting in an effort to reduce costs and stay in business. The energy crisis has become an existential threat to some businesses and to others the best-case scenario may be simply a significant drop in competitiveness and commercial returns.

What Options are Available?

If your company doesn’t already have a fixed price energy contract or a hedging strategy to take you through the Winter 22 period, you are likely to experience the full force of the stratospheric energy prices increases.

So what options are available? Given that these price extremes are only weeks away, there is little time for significant capex approval and expenditure for Solar PV, and extensive building fabric upgrades that will mitigate against the cost increases.  Many companies have given up hope, feel they have no control and have already surrendered to the prevailing energy market …

… but this doesn’t have to be the case.

Take Action and Take Control

A. Get Control

Install or use existing live energy metering system to provide accurate, timely and useful site energy consumption data. Getting live energy data is the first step to long term energy control and cost reduction.

B. Identify Unnecessary Energy Consumption

Use this energy metering data to identify energy wastage patterns e.g. high night-time energy usage when premises are closed, heating and cooling systems coming on too early and staying on too late, and act on this information. ETS have a track record of proven success with our clients by analysing energy usage data and directly acting upon this information to regain control and reduce costs.

C. Efficient Use of Existing Energy Systems

It may be too late for expensive retrofits, so you must ensure your existing energy consuming assets e.g. heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting systems, are all being controlled optimally to minimise energy consumption. Our experienced team of BMS and Automation experts can ensure that your equipment is running optimally and implement smart control strategies to save money and improve comfort.

D. The Mission

Those of you who have worked with ETS in the past or are aware of our systematic approach to sustained energy usage, carbon and cost saving, know that we are not in the business of scaremongering. We believe everything we prescribe here as being the correct way to approach energy usage reduction for the purpose of resource preservation, Circular Economy and Carbon reduction efforts, or basic cost reduction no matter what the prevailing energy market is experiencing. However, in these ominous times we feel it necessary to pre-warn businesses and allow them to regain control and protect their business.

Contact ETS’s Emergency Energy Task Force and allow us to support you through the impending winter crisis. Do this by calling +44 (0)117 379 0850 or email us at to take control of your costs.

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