Energy Culture

Without a fully engaged workforce the full
potential of any energy saving initiative
introduced will not be realised



Energy culture refers to the behaviours and attitudes of the workforce within an organisation towards energy management. It is less about what the individual believes they should be doing, but more about whether they understand their part in the wider Energy Management System (EnMS) - whether they actively take part, what they think about it, and whether they go beyond the base requirements of the energy management system to try to improve it.

A well-implemented EnMS is essential to achieving good energy performance. However, outstanding performance and continual improvement will only be achieved when there is a significant cultural shift in the organisation so that key elements of the system are adopted and embraced fully through behavioural initiatives. Therefore, aspiring companies wishing to maximise the benefits and holistic adoption of their EnMS will need to consider their organisational energy culture.

Energy culture is often overlooked by organisations, ignoring the most important variable in achieving energy efficiency or building performance optimisation – individuals. If the workforce is not fully engaged and knowledgeable about how their behaviours affect energy efficiency, the full potential of any energy saving initiative introduced will not be realised.

Energy Culture Assessment

The Energy Institutes ‘Understanding your energy culture’ tool is the latest addition to the Hearts and Minds series. Unlike traditional behavioural interventions which focus on changing the individual, the tool targets business culture. This approach acknowledges that company processes and people’s behaviour are not independent, but must work together.

Service Features

  • Available support from carbon and energy management consultants
  • Performance reports which includes analysis from our Chartered Energy Managers and CMVP specialists
  • An energy culture change programme which follows the Energy Institutes Hearts and Minds programme


Through an initial series of workshops, our consultants can identify an organisations current energy culture level. Employees from across all areas of the business are guided through the Hearts and Minds ‘Understanding your energy culture’ assessment tool to recognise the attitudes and behaviours that contribute towards poor energy management.

The results from this exercise is used to determine the baselines from which improvements can be made; this is substantiated with energy data provided by our Technical Energy Centre (TEC). We will then work collaboratively with client representatives to produce a detailed plan of engagement activities that strengthen a culture of proactive energy management across all layers of the business.

Download our Guide

Our guide provides an overview of the way in which we can assist organisations on their energy culture journey; to engage at all levels of the business and develop a common and effective approach to energy management.

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