Energy Institute One Day Conference

This one-day conference will examine the role of energy storage in the UK’s transition to a more flexible energy system. Topics will include industry forecasts on the benefits of increasing deployment of energy storage and the possible opportunities to develop efficient, economical storage solutions. There will be an emphasis on creating a market for storage, reducing costs, creating greater clarity for storage policy, removing legislative barriers, creating investment opportunities, and ensuring the right mix of technologies.

The conference is a follow-up to the hugely popular event run by the EI on the same topic in 2013, which attracted a delegation of policy-makers, and senior representatives from the industry, academia and local government. Programme

Session 1 – The roadmap to future deployment

Keynote: Transforming the energy system with energy storage

Keynote: UK energy storage policy – what lies ahead?

Keynote: Navigating the regulatory landscape

Developing the market for energy storage in the UK

Keynote panel session: Accelerating decarbonisation through energy storage

Session 2 – The investment challenge

Investing in electricity storage – opportunities and barriers in the UK

Planning considerations for investing in and deploying energy storage projects

Building the business case and securing project finance: a strategic approach

Panel session: Creating the right environment for investment

Session 3 – Energy storage projects in action

Expanding the UK’s grid-connected energy storage capacity

Exploring prospects for increasing installed capacity for distributed generation

The first unsubsidised energy storage projects delivered and managed in UK

Session 4 – Innovation and diffusion of storage technologies

Innovating energy storage technologies at all scales to facilitate a modern energy system

Technologies in focus – case studies on the latest innovations

Energy release – viable storage systems which allow energy release back to grid at short notice

Panel session: Finding the sweet spot for energy storage technology and capability in the UK


This conference provides a cost-effective opportunity to enhance your knowledge of energy storage issues and opportunities.


  • EI Member  £175+VAT
  • EI Company Member  £225+VAT
  • Non-Member  £325+VAT
  • Academic organisations  £125+VAT
  • Students/GradEI Members  £75+VAT  (proof of student status is required)  

This event is no longer available.

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