ETS Speak at the Energy Institute's Hearts and Minds Day

We are proud to have supported the Energy Institute (EI) by delivering a talk on ‘Understanding your energy culture’ at the Heart and Minds user day, Friday 23rd November, at the EI London office.

Our Operations Director, Phil Bilyard, discussed the importance of energy culture within an organisation, demonstrated through a wide range of case studies where energy efficiency plays a central role in achieving a competitive advantage.   The tool not only helps identify behaviours that contribute to energy inefficiencies, but also how to implement change within an organisation to foster a culture that fully embraces energy management.

The Hearts and Minds day brought together various senior representatives from around the world, including international blue-chip firms, trainers and academics to share their experience on using the Heart and Minds tool kits.

About the Energy Culture Tool

A well-implemented energy management system is essential to achieving good energy performance.  However, outstanding performance and continual improvement will only be achieved when there is a significant cultural swing in the organisation so that key elements of the system are adopted and embraced fully through behavioural initiatives. Therefore, aspiring companies wishing to maximise the benefits and adoption of their energy management system will need to consider their organisational culture.

The Energy Institute has developed the Understanding your energy culture tool to help organisations facilitate cultural change to improve energy efficiency.  ETS are proud to have supported the Energy Institute (EI) by sponsoring and being instrumental with the development of this tool.    Unlike traditional behavioural interventions which focus on changing the individual, the Energy Institute’s Understanding your energy culture targets the business culture.  This approach acknowledges that company processes and people’s behaviour are not independent but must work together.

 Energy Culture Webinar

Watch our free webinar on energy culture change delivered by our Operations Director, Phil Bilyard.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the importance of energy culture
  • Why energy culture is essential to any Energy Management System (EnMS)
  • Gain an understanding of the Energy Institutes ‘Understanding your energy culture’ tool
  • Identify where you currently sit on the energy culture ladder
  • What the common barriers are to employee engagement
  • Understand the journey and how to incentivise change

If you would like to learn more about the Energy Institute’s, Understanding your energy culture tool, please call us on 0117 379 0850 or email us at  Alternatively, visit the Hearts and Minds website, where you can find more information about the tool kits.

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