Exeed Certified Grant Scheme

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) have recently launched the EXEED (Excellence in Energy Efficient Design) Certified Grant Scheme. The grant scheme provides up to 50% grant funding for companies wishing to reduce their energy consumption by following an industry accredited project investigation program which optimises the energy project selection process and ensures companies target their energy consumption in the most cost-effective manner.

The SEAI will provide grant support for a range of project types which follow the EXEED Certified standard for Excellence in Energy Efficient Design. The EXEED standard encourages innovation in design projects to help minimise energy demand and related carbon emissions for the life of the asset and the SEAI provides grant support of up to €1,000,000 per project. Grant support is provided for projects wishing to achieve EXEED certification as follows.

Pre-investment professional services to implement EXEED processes – 50% grant funding.

  • Design-stage processes set out in the EXEED Certified standard.
  • Strategic input from an independent Energy Efficient Design Expert.
  • To identify the investment opportunities which will deliver optimum energy performance.

Eligible expenditure to implement EXEED processes – 30% grant funding.

  • Incremental capital costs compared to counterfactual investment (Baseline design).
  • Professional services associated with implementation.
  • The grant level may be extended by 20% for small enterprises and 10% for medium enterprises.

A key stipulation of the EXEED programme is that the top management of your organisation must commit to EXEED Certified and all requirements of EXEED Certified must be implemented. A 10% retainer (capped at €30,000) will be applied to the grant amount until EXEED certification and verification of the energy savings is completed.

Energy & Technical Services Ireland (ETS Ireland) have significant experience of supporting our customers through the EXEED process and have successfully managed over forty individual customer applications through the process from initial concept to final grant payment.

If you would like to discuss how your company could benefit from the EXEED process and how ETS Ireland can support you from start to finish, email us or call us on 087 0525 358.

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