/ Expert Partnership Programme



  • Integrated expert advice and support
  • Increased level of resource and technical expertise
  • Enhanced service offering
  • Increased reach to potential clients
  • New routes to market
  • Access to new revenue streams


Support and Resources


As part of our EPP engagement and on-boarding process, a senior representative from our team will work with you to develop a joint partner plan to ensure working with us is a success. We offer director level involvement from start to finish and our representative will continue to work with you throughout the duration of the partnership agreement, providing a single point of contact which is personal to your business.

The core focus of the EPP is to work collaboratively to optimise the service offering of both parties. We have a broad range of services to choose from which can be combined with your own to enhance project outcomes and our SLA agreement ensures resources are available when needed. Our EPP also includes access to our marketing resources / support to mutually develop new opportunities with potential clients.

ETS will work with your business to ensure the services we provide continue to compliment your business through not only adding value to the end users but also to increase your brand awareness and trust.

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