We are excited to announce the imminent arrival of GEEARS.

Generating Engineering and Energy Audit Reports System (GEEARS) is a web-based tool for undertaking audits and collating information together into comprehensive reporting on buildings and estates.

GEEARS has been in development for 20 months and brings together years of collective knowledge from within ETS into an application that will enable us to stream-line and standardise our processes.  The immediate benefit for customers is that it will enable ETS to provide quicker responses and greater scalability without compromising on our quality standards.

Moving forward, there are plans for a dedicated mobile application optimised for on-site data collection and a refined web-platform that will enable customers to view, manipulate and even produce their own reports directly.


Chris Handford, the System Architect commented, “GEEARS has the potential to be a transformative technology for ETS and our customers.  Before we commissioned this project, we had reviewed and experimented with other software on the market, but the other solutions on the market would have required too many compromises.  Developing your own application is a major undertaking, so we are delighted to be seeing the rewards for our investment.”


GEEARS is currently in final user acceptance testing with our engineers and if you are already an ETS customer, it will be producing your reports very soon.  If you are not yet a customer and you would like to see what GEEARS and ETS can do for you, please get in contact: or call 01934 853334.

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