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ESOS Phase 3 is here – is your business ready?

Have you planned and budgeted for it? ETS are here to help for guaranteed energy savings and compliance.

Why now?

With the cost of energy rapidly rising, can you afford to miss out on potential savings? ETS can offer a competitive ROI and savings opportunities, on top of ensuring that your business complies with ESOS Phase 3.
The deadline for qualification for Phase 3 is 31 December 2022 and the next must comply deadline is December 2023.

If your organisation was in scope for ESOS phases 1 and 2, it is highly likely that phase 3 applies too. Your company or organisation must comply with ESOS if:

  • you employ 250 or more people; or
  • you have an annual turnover of more than €50 million (£44 million) or an annual balance sheet total of over €43 million (£38 million)
  • if you are an overseas organisation with over 250 employees in the UK.

The key date for assessing whether you qualify is 31 December 2022.

Do you want to save money, energy and carbon and get ahead of the game by starting ESOS NOW? Then you need Smart Energy Management.

We’ll collect the data, make the savings and complete the compliance submission on your behalf as part of our service, meaning you pay nothing to comply with ESOS.

We have a 23 year history, data collection apps, and engineering and technical expertise to alleviate your concerns whilst making ongoing guaranteed energy savings on your terms.

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