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Technical Expertise and Experience
Energy management, engineering, and building services are never static and constantly experience changes in regulations, legislations and best practices which can vary across each sector. Many of our senior consultants are practitioners of a number of regulatory / legislative roles enabling them to offer all the necessary expertise to help clients meet any changing requirements in compliance. We have close to 20 years experience in providing professional services across a broad range of compliance related matters, including Air Conditioning Inspections (TM44), Water Hygiene, Gas Regulations, Health and Safety Audits and Building Services. Our consultants appreciate the unique challenges and needs faced by each sector, and can draw on their extensive experience to provide reliable and trustworthy advice that ensures our clients remain compliant. Our consultants will work with both client representatives and sub-contractors to ensure that best practices and regulations are consistently adhered to. We have bespoke systems and software to accurately gauge the levels of service and maintenance being received at site level, and our in-house ESOS Lead Assessors, ISO50001 Lead Auditors, CIBSE qualified Air Conditioning Inspectors, Low Carbon Consultants are available to give suitable advice or take appropriate action.
Technical Expertise and Experience
Energy efficiency can often be improved through nil and low-cost solutions. We believe true value comes from approaching energy management collaboratively, drawing on the skills and experience of our in-house specialists/experts across departments. We have undertaken a wide range of energy saving initiatives for various building types and sectors including LED, BMS and HVAC upgrades as well as implementing ISO50001 energy management systems and behavioural changes. Our consultants have extensive experience in managing small scale projects to multimillion pound schemes ensuring the identified savings are delivered. Our Technical Energy Centre is an integral part of our service and supports all our departments to ensure solutions deliver the saving proposed through accurate use of energy data. We adopt two approaches to energy management: Our Certified Measurement and Verification Professionals take great care in considering all the variables which may influence any savings proposed, and regularly monitor energy performance throughout the project life-cycle. Our team of Data Analysts and Chartered Energy Managers can remotely monitor real-time energy consumption at the site level and will proactively respond/improve energy inefficiency on a continual basis.

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