Potential Amendments to ESOS

The Environment Agency recently launched a consultation on potential improvements to the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) Regulations, which require qualifying UK businesses to undertake energy auditing across their operations every 4 years.

The consultation was opened on the 6th July 2021, and will run until the 28th September 2021; and depending on the outcome, could lead to changes to how ESOS audits are undertaken and the subsequent requirements on qualifying businesses.

In short, the EA are seeking views on the following key aspects:

• Improving the quality of audits through increased standardisation of reporting requirements.

• Inclusion of a ‘Net Zero’ carbon element to audits.

• Requirements to publicly disclose high-level energy efficiency recommendations by participants.

• The EA is also seeking views on longer term additional options, including extension of ESOS to medium-sized organisations, and mandating the implementation of certain energy efficiency recommendations identified by the ESOS auditing process.

With regard to Phase 3 of ESOS – the qualification date for which is 31st December 2022, with a compliance deadline of the 5th December 2023 – the EA has emphasised that, whilst they won’t be able to fully complete their ESOS Phase 3 programme immediately, businesses who know they will be captured by the regulations can start their auditing for this phase now, in order to get ahead of the game and ensure compliance in good time.

This is a sentiment that we at ETS would echo, as one of the main hurdles with ensuring compliance with ESOS is often a failure to start the process early enough.

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