Simon Baker Competes in the Colliers TRYAthlon 2018

We would like to congratulate our Energy Data Analyst, Simon Baker, for completing the Colliers TRYAthlon in a fantastic finish time of 00:59:43; overall, coming 7th out of 72 competitors.

The Colliers TRYAthlon was held this year at Tockington Manor School, Bristol and played host to over 240 competitors plus their supporters.  The event successfully raised over £5,000 for Gurkha Welfare Trust – a charity that provides financial, medical and development aid to Gurkha veterans.

Competitors of the Colliers TRYAthlon had to swim 400m, cycle 16km and run 5km.  Simon has achieved a great result and the whole of the ETS team congratulate Simon in his fantastic finish and for supporting such a worthy cause.


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