Paul Martin

Senior Technical Consultant

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Paul has spent his whole career in the building energy management industry and has gained nearly 40 years of experience in the field, having worked for a number of high-profile organisations including Pembroke Power Station and the BBC. During this time, he developed a wide knowledge of multiple controls systems, with Trend being his system of choice for many years when he was a Director of a highly respected Trend TTC.

Having run BMS & Controls businesses for many years, Paul provides a high level of diagnostic skill for all the controls systems he supports, both new and old, offering upgrade paths and retrofit (or new control panel designs where required) including installation, commissioning and optimised seasonal tuning.

Now, as part of the ETS Automation team, Paul supports our Operations department and our Technical Energy Centre (TEC) providing BeMS integration skills and knowledge to a wide variety of clients across multiple sectors.

Paul Martin

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