Technical Energy Centre (TEC) Savings Achieved in February 2019

Our Technical Energy Centre (TEC) is an integral part of our service delivery. Unique to the market, our TEC combines the technical expertise of Energy Data Analysts and Engineers with world leading energy management tools.  Operating as a one-stop solution to energy management, our TEC is designed to identify and eliminate inefficiencies in building performance.

Utilising our in-house energy management systems, our TEC team remotely monitor, analyse and proactively respond to energy inefficiencies.  During February, our desk-based call-outs and onsite interventions helped save one client over £33,000.

Figure 1: Technical Energy Centre (TEC) results of a single-site intervention

Figure 2: Technical Energy Centre (TEC) results of a single-site intervention before and after – Green = Before Intervention, Blue = After Intervention

In the examples above (Figure 1 and 2), a site had been left in “override” by an external maintenance provider, which resulted in all lighting and heating no longer being under the control of the BMS.  The TEC identified the problem from the data, and called the site with clear, non-technical guidance on how to fix it. As a result of this intervention, our client has successfully saved 216 kWh per day – equating to £9,800 per year in annual savings.

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