Technical Energy Centre - Savings Achieved in April 2019

Energy efficiency can often be improved through nil and low-cost solutions.  Small changes in user behaviour or slight adjustments to controls and plant equipment can significantly reduce energy costs for an organisation.  Our Technical Energy Centre explains how this type energy optimisation project has helped one client achieve £160,000 in avoided cost savings from January 2019 – April 2019.

There are a lot of energy management tools available on the market that all claim to make huge cost savings. Even if you find a solution that offers bureau services, it can be difficult to understand the results.  It is not uncommon for the information presented to be interpreted out of context, especially when engineering is treated as a separate entity to energy optimisation.

Our Technical Energy Centre continually monitors energy performance from thousands of meter points.  Poor performing sites are quickly identified through our Energy Management reporting tools and assessed by our Energy Data Analysts to determine the causes of high consumption patterns.  Where remote dial-in to the sites’ BMS is not possible, our Data Analysts contact the sites with clear non-technical guidance on how to fix the issue.  In the example below, one site saved an average of 260 kWh per day, equating to £11,800 per year by restoring the correct time schedules.

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