Technical Energy Centre (TEC) Savings Achieved in March 2019

Our Technical Energy Centre (TEC) continuously monitors and proactively responds to energy inefficiencies. In this example, our consultants identified an opportunity for energy savings at a site, proposed a scope of works and project managed an under-mezzanine lighting upgrade. Throughout the course of the project, our Senior Consulting Engineers were supported by our Technical Energy Centre to ensure the site was achieving the savings predicted.

Our Senior Data Analyst (Certified Measurement and Verification Professional), created a Measurement and Verification (M&V) reporting system to track the savings through our Energy Management platform. Using a calculated baseline and uncertainty margins, the M&V savings tracker provided insight into the statistically significant savings achieved. It also tracked the savings against the defined target to ensure project goals were achieved.

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The example above shows the savings achieved through this energy efficiency project. TEC monitored the energy consumption of the site using automated alerts to ensure savings were achieved, maintained and would be visible on the bill. Any alerts raised were investigated and actions taken to ensure issues were resolved quickly and savings continued.

The combined efforts of our Technical Energy Centre and Operations team enabled us to confidently report a saving of 39%, an average of 262 kWh of avoided energy use per day. Over a year this would equate to £11,900. The benchmark for this site has been updated to ensure monitoring targets this store to its new, lower benchmark.

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