One building or a large estate. Every Energy Saving Matters.

Every building regardless of its size or operation will consume energy daily. Whether it is one building or a large estate, the risk of overlooking proper energy management can be costly to the building owner, the occupants, and the environment. 

Energy Intensity Ratio is a good way to check the performance of your building because energy consumption can be determined per floor area, occupancy, or both. This can then be compared to industry standards to confirm the efficiency of your building. 

The non-domestic national energy efficiency data framework, published in 2022, used total energy consumption and energy intensity to compare building with different uses and sizes. Typically, the total energy consumption tends to increase as building size increases. However, energy intensity conveys that smaller sized buildings (0-50 square meters) have a higher electricity and gas consumption per floor area when compared to larger buildings (greater than 5,000 square meters). If we focus solely on consumption, a large estate will naturally consume more energy than a single building but if we consider energy intensity, a single building would likely to be more inefficient. What this tells us is that energy management matters for a single or small sized building and large-sized buildings or estates. 

A more conscious approach will need to go into energy management as a building estate expands but that does not mean that it must be difficult especially if the right system has been developed from the onset. There may be a hierarchy in decision making when it comes to energy management policies and changes but there needs to be leadership interest, knowledge, and responsibility. This ensures the efficient and effective performance of the energy management system. 

Regardless of the size of the estate the energy management tools remain the same. There needs to be an energy management strategy in place that targets energy consumption, cost, and emissions. Performance must be monitored for continual improvement to policy, data, optimization, and performance. It is important to have a skilled and competent energy manager to do this. 


How can ETS help? 

If you are looking for an energy management system that is tailored to your business needs, ETS can provide you with 25 years of experience in dramatically improving energy efficiency and reducing environmental impacts. Whether your businesses have individual assets or large international portfolios, ETS can assist you in saving substantial amounts of money while significantly reducing your carbon performance.

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