British American Tobacco - Energy Auditing

Client: British American Tobacco

Cost Saving: +£1m

Payback: <1 year

Service: Energy Auditing

Project Background

British American Tobacco (BAT) has large industrial sites around the world and needed an experienced energy auditing team to undertake energy audits across their sites. The audits’ aim was to discover energy usage patterns and correlations, optimise energy systems’ operational philosophy, identify energy and carbon saving opportunities, and support them with their carbon neutral targets.

Key Challenges

ETS agreed to undertake the works just before the global pandemic struck which then eliminated the possibility of visiting the BAT sites to undertake the audit works. It was then agreed that ETS would undertake the works using remote technology and the transfer of key data to support the process.


ETS used multivariable regression analysis to provide BAT with a formula to benchmark their energy usage and flag excess energy consumption in real time. We calculated the annual energy cost for all significant energy consuming equipment and provided options for a staged retrofit program for their aging equipment, which improved resilience and reduced energy consumption. Finally, we provided the client with options for reducing annual energy consumption by £1.02m, delivering additional stakeholder value of £6.1m over a ten year period, and identified concepts for deep Scope 1 (fossil fuel) carbon savings.

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