The Energy sector has undergone major shifts toward renewable energy for years, and many businesses are joining the movement to achieve Net Zero along with the green energy transition. In the UK, there are a number of visible improvements. Energy Trends: UK Renewable Reports (2023) has revealed that renewable energy reached a new peak in Quarter 1 of 2023, contributing 47.8% to total electricity generation. The installation of renewable capacity also increased by 5.1% in Quarter 1 2023, with offshore wind and solar PV being the main contributors. These two sources added 1.2 GW and 0.9 GW, respectively, and accounted for 45% and 34% of total new capacity in the past year. Renewable energy takes a crucial part for a Net Zero journey, Energy and Technical Services continuously helps clients accelerate energy transformation to drive sustainable growth. Reach out to discuss with our energy specialist today!

Do solar panels save money? We calculate ROI for you.

Through onsite solar PV organisations can quickly reduce their energy costs and emissions with an initial investment. Through tailored designs that guarantee optimal efficiency, incorporating solar power becomes seamless and affordable. Our energy specialists provide a comprehensive report and ROI for businesses to balance their needs and budgets. Revolutionise your energy model to empower the transition and generate your own power and make valuable savings!

Should I get solar panels? What are solar PV advantages?

If you are not certain about the solar PV investment, let’s start with an energy audits. Our Energy performance audits provide a clear map of your energy waste, potential savings and energy opportunities through detailed investigation and on-site surveys. In our audits, we will offer various suggested options to maximise your energy savings. Solar PV can be an option, depending on the site status and business needs. Our energy experts will craft the ROI and advantages to support your business making sustainable decisions.

Take charge of your solar infrastructure and watch your energy costs decrease over time. With solar panel installation, you could qualify for tax incentives and rebates while also boosting your property’s value. Additionally, we can pave the way towards a greener future by reducing carbon emissions, all while customising your solar system to meet your needs. Generate power onsite and reduce reliance on the grid.

Teamwork makes Net Zero achievable! We are ready to join your green journey.

The IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Report (2021) confirms that climate change is affecting all regions, leading to severe weather, exacerbated droughts, and higher probability of forest fires. Renewable transition is getting more urgent. Whether you are looking to undertake renewable supports or complex energy and engineering improvement works on an individual building or across a large international portfolio, engaging with a Project Management partner that has the in-depth knowledge and experience to ensure optimal delivery is vital to protect ROI. We are moving towards Net Zero together!

Solar panel installation UK | Project management

Project Management is a significant pillar of our business, and our robust approach ensures that projects of all scales are delivered on-time, to budget, safely and with minimal rectification or snagging. Energy & Technical Services has conducted many solar panel installations for our clients. We fully manage projects and supply chains of all sizes on clients’ behalf, to ensure the success. Solar panel energy transition is guaranteed with our project management expertise and end-to-end energy management. Your ROI is protected, and your business activities remain unaffected during roll-out.

British Solar Renewables | Best practices | ALDI

We were appointed to project manage ALDI’s Solar PV roll-out, assisting ALDI with tendering, evaluation, engagement with contractors and project management across 200+ stores in the UK and Ireland. Feasibility studies were undertaken prior to works commencing on site which included calculating payback. Our Certified Measurement and Verification Professionals (CMVP) considered all impacting costs including future alterations to FiT tariffs to increase accuracy in prediction of payback and energy savings. After the project finished, ALDI generated more than 17,500 MWh of electricity from a total of 86,000+ solar panels. A robust and technically knowledgeable approach to energy and engineering Project Management, ensuring successful delivery at pace and scale. It contributed to Aldi’s Net Zero journey and enhanced their greener decisions. Download our Net Zero guide.

Teamwork makes Net Zero achievable! We are ready to join your green journey.

Smart Energy Management is Net Zero from Day One

Smart Energy Management is Net Zero from Day One

As part of the Net Zero agenda, the UK is on a mission to decarbonize all sectors of the UK economy and to reach the Net Zero target...
Meeting Business Needs with a Carbon Conscious Approach. We Manage Energy Better 

Meeting Business Needs with a Carbon Conscious Approach. We Manage Energy Better 

As the UK sets out to achieve Net-Zero carbon by 2050, there is a paradigm for businesses that is evolving. According to the BEIS, latest figures (2020) show...
Net Zero From The Ground Up

Net Zero From The Ground Up

The Net- Zero Future Net Zero is becoming an increasingly popular concept as individuals and organizations are seeking ways to emit less carbon than they intake, thereby reducing their carbon...


ALDI – Solar PV

ALDI – Solar PV

2 years
Solar PV & Renewables Project Management
Including the earlier Phases of this project, during 2016 – 2017, ALDI generated more than 17,500 MWh of electricity from a total of 86,000+ solar panels....

The benefits of renewable energy

energy savings

Spend less on energy and reduce running costs thanks to increased operational efficiency – plus protect your business from energy price volatility.

carbon reduction

The UK has set a target to decarbonise all sectors of the economy and reach Net Zero by 2050. It’s crucial that all businesses play their part and SEMaaS is the first step to help achieve those sustainability goals.

Improved efficiency

Our services include performance audits, smart net zero strategies, BeMS control technologies and much more, all proven to maximise your building’s performance.