Carbon Reporting


To embark on a successful net zero or carbon neutral journey, it’s vital to first understand your organisation’s current carbon emissions. By measuring and quantifying your scope 1 & 2 plus scope 3 emissions, you gain valuable insights into the areas where emissions are generated and can develop targeted strategies for reduction. This measurement process involves evaluating emissions from various sources such as energy consumption, transportation, waste management and supply chain. Therefore, compiling accurate data is essential. It will empower informed decisions and accelerate your Carbon reduction / Net Zero journey.

Map your carbon footprint accurately!

We offer end-to-end support for leading brands in numerous industries. Through a recognised Net Zero Strategy, accurate Data acquisition, Carbon Assessments & Audits , Companies can gain a clear understanding of emissions patterns Our in-house data team ensures the security and accuracy for all of your data. We are able to undertake Digital Twin exercises to maximise the potential of your portfolio. We are active in the Government Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme (PSDS) undertaking investment grade surveys and reports.

Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor (CRREM) | Analysis tool for Net Zero

According to IEA’s Global Status Report, the global buildings and construction sector accounts for a staggering 36% of global energy usage and 39% of energy-related carbon emissions. To enhance the energy efficiency of properties, the real estate industry must prioritise the mitigation of both direct (Scope 1 & 2) and indirect emissions (Scope 3) during the construction and dismantling phases of new buildings and refurbishments. The CRREM analysis tool is used to provide a visual on the pathway to meeting the net zero carbon target and determine the year in which the property will be liable for transition carbon risks. The CRREM analysis will be included in our Decarbonisation Report along with suggested actions.

How can Carbon Reporting & Energy Reports maximise the efficiency of your sites? | Real Estate Practice

We were instructed to help accelerate the Net Zero journey of MIH Property. With our detailed investigation and site survey, we analysed the condition of their buildings and operational performance and identified energy savings along with potential cost reductions. According to our regression analysis, electricity & gas map, CRREM analysis and benchmarking review, we have issued an action plan. Our recommendations always reach a certain level of practicality and efficiency, including  equipment upgrade for specific area or systems, the anticipated energy use pattern improvement by season, and supplying consistency of energy data, with sensor setting modification. With customised energy advice, their sites can save energy costs annually and meet climate objectives.

How can Carbon Reporting fuel up your Net Zero journey?

Energy & Technical Services will utilise our Energy Dashboard and identify your Energy Performance Indicators (EnPI’s) to be precise in your carbon / energy management.. Every facility is different and displays different characteristics, even if they outwardly seem very much the same. It is far better to determine the performance capability of the property itself and over time develop a property specific carbon benchmark through baselining and profiling activities, using these as future Carbon / Energy Performance Indicators (EnPI’s).

Carbon Reporting requirements UK | ETS Compliance support

Over 11,900 organisations in the UK must comply with SECR by reporting energy usage and carbon emissions in the annual financial report. Through the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting framework, large organisations are able to take significant strides towards reducing their carbon footprint and enhancing their energy efficiency. Additionally, SECR complements existing schemes such as GHG reporting, ESOS, and CCA, further contributing to a more greener business.

We are Cyber Essentials certified and compliant with ISO 27001 & 14001 standards, ensuring the security of your data and value chain. Our energy analysts and carbon managers ensure the energy monitoring and decarbonisation plan is managed and progressed. We can support with communication to stakeholders with your climate strategy. With customised energy and carbon advice, facilities will save carbon, energy and costs annually to meet climate objectives.

Teamwork makes Net Zero achievable! We are ready to join your green journey.

Carbon Reporting leads you to a sustainable future

Carbon Reporting leads you to a sustainable future

Carbon reporting enables organisation to have a better understanding about their GHG emissions, resulting from their operations and activities. This data empowers businesses to identify opportunities and prepare for Net...
Accelerating Net Zero Progress: Utilising Data Models for Effective Planning and Carbon Reporting.

Accelerating Net Zero Progress: Utilising Data Models for Effective Planning and Carbon Reporting.

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Steps to Net Zero: Measuring Emissions and Starting Your Journey

Steps to Net Zero: Measuring Emissions and Starting Your Journey

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the benefits of carbon reporting


Identify real opportunities for decarbonisation and energy savings.


Carbon reporting enables your business to outline CO2
reduction plans for Scope 1, 2 and 3.


Reports give you the access to unlock energy wastes and improve energy efficiency.