Energy Data Portal

Make smart energy decisions today for a sustainable tomorrow.

Energy & Technical Services’ Energy Data Portal provides real-time remote energy monitoring and control, enabling organisations to save costs and keep carbon emissions to a minimum. Designed to scale with your organisation’s growth, EDP features a fully customisable dashboard enabling you to achieve full visibility over your energy consumption, including AI and critically, providing actionable insights to reduce your energy costs and carbon emissions.

Optimise Energy Usage in Real-Time: Your Pathway to Net Zero

Once a site is connected to the Energy Data Portal you benefit from continual energy management complete visualisation and technical support. Energy consumption from main and sub-meter data is regularly reviewed and monitored to identify areas for efficiency control and improvement.

Weather data, building information and other relevant variable parameters are also collated and included within the analysis to provide a comprehensive understanding of building performance.

Combining cutting-edge technology with world-leading energy management tools & the extensive expertise of our Chartered Energy Managers, Energy & Technical Services is trusted by some of the UK’s largest commercial sites to implement our bespoke building management systems.

How to analyse energy consumption data: Benchmarking and Goal Tracking

Energy Data Portal supports benchmarking capabilities, enabling organisations to compare their energy performance against industry standards or internal targets. Our platform also provides tools for setting energy-saving goals, tracking progress, and measuring the effectiveness of energy efficiency initiatives.

Strategic Management

Strategic management is provided on an ongoing basis for improving energy efficiency based on data analysis. These recommendations include specific actions, such as equipment upgrades, behavioural changes, or operational adjustments, to help users optimise energy consumption and reduce waste.

Improved operational efficiency

Energy management systems enable businesses to monitor and analyse energy data, providing insights into energy consumption patterns and identifying areas for improvement. This information allows for better decision-making, process optimization, and operational adjustments, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.

Regulatory compliance

Many regions have implemented energy-related regulations and reporting requirements. An energy management system can assist businesses in monitoring and managing energy data to comply with these regulations, avoiding penalties and ensuring adherence to legal obligations.

Employee engagement

Engaging employees in energy management initiatives can foster a culture of energy awareness and responsibility. Employees can contribute ideas, participate in energy-saving efforts, and feel empowered to make a positive environmental impact. This engagement improves employee satisfaction, morale, and productivity.

Consisting of Chartered Energy Managers, Analysts, and Data Scientists, our team is connected remotely to a vast network of sites, enabling real-time monitoring of detailed energy consumption data. This proactive approach allows us to identify and respond to inefficiencies continuously, optimising operational performance and minimising capital expenditure.

Equipped with a suite of custom software tools, our energy management team performs a range of functions on your behalf in a proactive and responsive manner. These include remote adjustment of control settings, comprehensive reporting on energy consumption, and thorough validation of the cause and effect of recommended energy-saving initiatives, new technologies, operational measures, and behavioural changes.

Energy Data Portal: Key Features

Customisable Dashboard

Every organisation is built differently. Our EDP platform is designed to report on the energy usage metrics that matter to you and your stakeholders. By utilising cutting-edge AI learning models combined with energy data aggregated from various sources including metres, sensors, and other monitoring devices, real-time or near-real-time energy consumption data is recorded enabling users to track and analyse energy usage patterns semi-autonomously

Multi-site functionality

Our platform fully supports operations with multiple sites, enabling like-for-like comparisons for each of your regional assets. Assess energy efficiency at scale with ease and get access to granular energy use and energy generation data.

Alarms and Alerts

The system can be configured to generate alerts and notifications when energy consumption exceeds predefined thresholds, indicating potential issues or abnormal energy usage. This feature allows users to promptly address inefficiencies or equipment malfunctions, minimising energy waste and ensuring timely responses to energy-related incidents.

What are the benefits of implementing an effective energy management system?

Cost savings

An effective energy management system helps identify areas of energy waste and inefficiency, allowing businesses to implement energy-saving measures. By optimising energy usage, companies can reduce their energy consumption and lower energy costs, resulting in significant cost savings over time.

Enhanced sustainability and environmental performance

By actively managing energy consumption, businesses can reduce their carbon footprint and environmental impact. This contributes to sustainability goals, helps mitigate climate change, and demonstrates a commitment to corporate social responsibility. It can also improve the company’s reputation and appeal to environmentally conscious customers and stakeholders.

Risk management

Volatile energy prices and supply disruptions can pose risks to business operations. An energy management system helps identify potential risks, such as energy price fluctuations and enables proactive planning and mitigation strategies. By diversifying energy sources and optimising energy usage, businesses can reduce their vulnerability to energy-related risks.

Continuous improvement

Energy management systems provide a framework for ongoing monitoring, measurement, and evaluation of energy performance. This enables businesses to set targets, track progress, and continuously improve their energy management practices. It facilitates the identification of new opportunities for energy savings and supports a cycle of continual improvement.
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Woodie’s – Significant Cost Savings & Ongoing Support

Woodie’s – Significant Cost Savings & Ongoing Support

£120k per annum
<1 year
Energy Performance Audit, HVAC Review, Energy Data Portal
Woodie’s is a 100% Irish owned chain of DIY outlets, and a subsidiary of the Grafton Group plc. Woodie’s are committed to minimising their environmental impact and with 35 stores in Ireland, sought external expertise to help establish control of energy usage and deliver deep, sustained energy and carbon savings....
Wokingham Borough Council – 49% Proven energy savings

Wokingham Borough Council – 49% Proven energy savings

49% of annual saving
< 1 year
BEMS, Plant Upgrade, Net Zero
The existing BeMS controls for the site were poorly controlling the LTHW boilers across various plant rooms at the site, some plant areas were found to be running 24hrs a day. The existing building controls were removed and replaced with RDM controls utilising improved optimum start/stop algorithms, alongside demand-based temperature control and vastly improved zone control. ...
Circle K – Significant Cost Savings and HVAC Control Upgrade

Circle K – Significant Cost Savings and HVAC Control Upgrade

26% of Annual Energy Saving
< 1 year
HVAC Review & Design, Remote Control System, PPM
Energy & Technical Services has commissioned and installed a best-in-class, cost-optimal solution at the pilot site in Fjellhamar, Norway which combines hardware, software and energy management expertise to deliver efficient operation of energy systems (preventing heating/cooling systems operating against each other), detailed energy sub-metering analysis to enable continual improvements and additional cost savings....

The benefits of our Energy data portal

Productivity & Efficiency

Energy Data Portal monitors, tracks and analyses your real-time energy consumption and efficiency. It empowers the best energy performance without energy waste.

secured data warehouse

Energy & Technical Services owns individual energy data warehouse and is certified with Cyber Security. We tackle your energy data with top-standard. 

data-driven strategy

Embrace the innovation of energy technology! Our AI-powered tools for energy forecasting and optimisation allow you to make data-driven decisions.