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ALDI – ISO50001 Energy Management System

Energy & Technical Services have worked with ALDI since 2012 and were initially contracted for two years to build an energy management system that identified energy conservation measures and optimisation initiatives that would reduce energy consumption. Eighteen months in, ALDI extended the contract and appointed ETS as their National Energy Manager, embracing our full-service offering. Our contract is comprised of the following key components:

  • Energy Management Practice and Delivery
  • Technical Energy Centre (TEC)
  • Energy Conservation Measures
  • Asset Verification
  • Compliance
  • Behavioural Change


The Energy Management System (EnMS) was introduced in 2013 as a new process within ALDI. Working collaboratively with client representatives, Energy & Technical Services helped manage a change of process from a regional to a centralised energy management system, delivering training across departments within an organisation that was experiencing rapid growth. Careful planning was essential to ensuring resources were appropriately deployed across the estate, which covers various geographical locations.

Added Value / Achievements

Since our appointment, we have successfully implemented an ISO50001 accredited energy management system (EnMS) with ongoing recertification support. We have also helped project manage a number of energy saving initiatives which has provided additional savings to the ALDI estate. Alongside the financial savings achieved, our energy management system has helped ALDI win numerous retail environmental, energy related awards and plaudits including the Carbon Trust Award, 2013 – 2014.

Energy Management system (EnMS) appllied

ISO 50001 Accreditation and mainteniance

“XXX must play its part in addressing risks of climate change through reducing our carbon footprint and impact on the planet. We chose to partner with XXX to support us to develop an emissions reduction roadmap and set credible and robust Science Based targets.”
Head of Sustainability, XXX Company


The Fulham Shore – ESOS Compliance & Consultation

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme is compulsory for large UK organisations. A total of 29,610,620kWh opportunities were identified for The Fulham Shore, resulting in 31,783,515 Kg of emissions being saved.

Woodie’s – Significant Cost Savings & Ongoing Support

Woodie’s is a 100% Irish owned chain of DIY outlets, and a subsidiary of the Grafton Group plc. Woodie’s are committed to minimising their environmental impact and with 35 stores in Ireland, sought external expertise to help establish control of energy usage and deliver deep, sustained energy and carbon savings.

Wokingham Borough Council – 49% Proven energy savings

The existing BeMS controls for the site were poorly controlling the LTHW boilers across various plant rooms at the site, some plant areas were found to be running 24hrs a day. The existing building controls were removed and replaced with RDM controls utilising improved optimum start/stop algorithms, alongside demand-based temperature control and vastly improved zone control.