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Wokingham Borough Council – 49% Proven energy savings

The existing BeMS controls for the site were poorly controlling the LTHW boilers across various plant rooms at the site, some plant areas were found to be running 24hrs a day.  The existing building controls were removed and replaced with RDM controls utilising improved optimum start/stop algorithms, alongside demand-based temperature control and vastly improved zone control.  

As part of these works, boilers have been recommissioned by the manufacturers, 0-10v DC control has been introduced alongside numerous long range wireless Mbus sensors. 

Client brief

Wokingham Borough Council has been striving to reduce energy consumption across its extensive portfolio of educational buildings, Energy & Technical Services had been approached with the sole aim of finding ways to reduce energy consumption at one of its highest-consuming sites – The Bulmershe School.


The Bulmershe School is a significant educational facility with over 1,200 students in full-time education; reducing energy consumption during term time does present some operational challenges. This would include maintaining plant operation so that occupant comfort would remain unaffected while the works are being undertaken. The main plant room at the school serves around 4 buildings using a large underground distributed network.

ETS’s Scope included:

  • Replace existing boiler controls – leaving all plants operational while doing so.
  • Recommission boilers.
  • Better optimise plant to maximise efficiency.
  • Day-to-day operations of the school shall remain unaffected.

ETS’s Solution & Strategy

Having carried out detailed surveys of the existing plant and control system, Energy & Technical Services composed a solution to replace the existing controls with an optimised demand-based solution. This would fully modulate and optimise all boiler plants across multiple plant areas using a variety of methods. This included the recommissioning of boilers by their original manufacturers, and fitting of modulating adaptors to boilers to allow the new Resource Data Management BMS to enhance deltaT control across the system thus allowing better control of boiler flow temperatures. Long-range wireless temperature sensors have also been installed in the differing buildings allowing for a fully zoned control system – something that had not previously been possible. Energy & Technical Services’ building technologies also provided a central supervisor system that all plant areas within scope can be remotely accessed by Energy & Technical Services, the Wokingham Borough Council’s energy team and the school’s maintenance department.


Immediate results were quite impressive across all areas, 49% energy savings have been achieved overall. Detailed analysis of the temperature data now available through the system supervisor has indicated additional savings will be possible through further mechanical alterations at the site. Energy & Technical Services will continue to guide the Wokingham Borough Council and The Bulmershe through this process.

Smart meter rollout in progress to minimise estimated reads across asset portfolio.

49% of energy savings & progression to Net Zero.

“We are happy to see this incredible results from ETS's hard work. We are keen to get Energy & Technical Services involved in our other sites.”
Casey Streat, Energy Officer, Wokingham Borough Council


Midcounties Co-Operative – Solar Panel Installation Assessment

This project aimed to understand how solar PV installation will benefit the client long term. We have identified the yield and efficiency of solar PV and what the cost of repurposing a number of solar PV panels that were in storage specifically for Co-op. This developed into a compatibility study for solar panel installation across 44 sites.

Date Palm Developments – Complete Building Solutions

Date Palm Developments (DPD) approached ETS to design, install, and commission a new Building Management System (BMS) for their proposed "Ottons Lab." Given the complex nature of the facility, which specialises in plant cloning, highly detailed designs relating to HVAC controls and operational security were necessary to maintain optimal conditions for both plant growth and occupant comfort in the office areas.

BNP Paribas – Simulated Power Failure

The power test was successful with back-up power supplies, fire alarms, emergency lighting, pedestrian access systems all operating as expected during power failure. All equipment operated correctly and efficiently when power was reinstated.