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As the UK sets out to achieve Net-Zero carbon by 2050, there is a paradigm for businesses that is evolving. According to the BEIS, latest figures (2020) show that the business sector is responsible for 18% of UK carbon emissions, serving as the third largest emitters. On the other hand, there is an ulterior motive for most businesses to maximize profits and satisfy shareholders; therefore, businesses invest little effort into reducing carbon emissions. Fortunately, deploying the correct approach towards meeting business needs will not only reap environmental and financial benefits, but shed a positive light to the business. 

The benefits of carbon conscious energy management

To highlight a few, these are the benefits of meeting business needs with a carbon conscious strategy: 

  • With a carbon conscious approach, a business can invest in on-site renewable technologies which can lead to increasing energy efficiency, reducing energy costs and carbon footprint. 
  • On a complex level, corporate reporting such as SECR can provide insight into the carbon emission levels of each specific activity across the business which is useful for long-term strategies and decision-making. 
  • Carbon conscious practices can also create a sustainable culture which can bring people a lot closer and enable employees to work efficiently. 

These benefits are examples that are irrefutable to have, however it is upon business to manifest this approach and sustain it for a long time. The government is enforcing stringent laws and regulations to ensure that we all meet the national and global carbon targets; therefore, businesses will have to comply. There is no escape from this as it is inevitable, however voluntarily approaching business needs with a carbon conscious can accelerate commercial growth, increase energy efficiency and productivity, reduce carbon emissions and energy costs, and meet business targets favourably. 

How can ETS help? 

At ETS, we provide a range of energy management services that can guide your business through the journey of adapting into a carbon conscious business and help you progress towards a Net-Zero pathway. With many factors to consider, a business without profound knowledge of the area and no clear sense of direction can be easily overwhelming. Our teams will help your business every step of the way to ensure that you are able to witness real, effective, and positive change. Our team of Energy Managers will retrieve all the necessary performance data for our Consulting Engineers to design a suite of bespoke initiatives and opportunities to reduce energy usage, carbon emissions and costs. These are exciting times, and our services will ensure that your business is at the forefront of the sector.

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