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British American Tobacco – Carbon Neutral Certification

British American Tobacco (BAT) operates 79 facilities across 4 global regions and aim to be carbon neutral across their own operations by 2030, and across their value chain by 2050. Significant progress had been made at many locations with some sites already declaring carbon neutrality.

Client brief

British American Tobacco (BAT) is a leading multinational tobacco company with a history dating back to the late 19th century, resulting from the merger of British and American tobacco entities. Operating in over 180 countries, BAT is a significant player in tobacco and nicotine product manufacturing and distribution, boasting a diverse portfolio featuring globally recognized brands such as Lucky Strike and Dunhill. BAT is committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, encompassing environmental sustainability, responsible marketing, and stakeholder engagement. As part of its CSR agenda, BAT has set specific targets, aligning with broader industry efforts to address health concerns and reduce the environmental impact of its operations. 


Energy & Technical Services agreed to undertake the works just before the global pandemic struck which then eliminated the possibility of visiting the BAT sites to undertake the audit works. It was then agreed that Energy & Technical Services would undertake the works using remote technology and the transfer of key data to support the process.


Energy & Technical Services identified the PAS 2060 certification method as the most appropriate means to provide an internationally recognised and accepted certification standard to validate carbon neutrality. Initially undertaking the works for a western European location, the service was then provided for a Scandinavian site and then four more locations in the United States.

BAT have now accepted this standard for all their sites and will continue to certify new sites, and re-certify existing sites, to this comprehensive and globally accepted standard.

Auditing and certifying across BAT’s sites to meet sustainable standards. 

PAS 2060 certification was achieved to validate carbon neutrality.


Date Palm Developments – Complete Building Solutions

Date Palm Developments (DPD) approached ETS to design, install, and commission a new Building Management System (BMS) for their proposed "Ottons Lab." Given the complex nature of the facility, which specialises in plant cloning, highly detailed designs relating to HVAC controls and operational security were necessary to maintain optimal conditions for both plant growth and occupant comfort in the office areas.

BNP Paribas – Simulated Power Failure

The power test was successful with back-up power supplies, fire alarms, emergency lighting, pedestrian access systems all operating as expected during power failure. All equipment operated correctly and efficiently when power was reinstated.

Harris Lamb – Mechanical & Electrical Performance Specification

Successful office fit-out project with upgraded VRF heat pump cooling, LED lighting and heat recovery ventilation. Improved energy efficiency and occupant comfort led to an increase in the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating from C to B.