Energy Management: Getting Started

“Energy Management is simple – switch off what you don’t need. The complexities come from knowing what to switch off or turn down, when and how.” – Phil Warren, Managing Director

Every sector and industry has its own challenges in managing energy consumption, although every company can follow the same journey to achieve their energy management goals.  In order to support facilities managers, we have published an informative guide on the basics of energy management.  This guide has been produced by our Chartered Energy Managers, ISO 50001 Lead Auditors and Chartered Engineers from relevant industry backgrounds.

Energy Management Guide

Our introduction to energy management is the latest in our series of self-help guides to support organisations to better understand the concepts of good energy management and where to start to improve both building performance and energy efficiency.

This guide introduces you to the first steps to setting up an effective Energy Management System (EnMS).  It provides valuable information about the common barriers to achieving your energy management goals and how to assess your organisations energy culture to ensure success.  This guide also details the sequence of steps needed to introduce an EnMS within an organisation however, it is important to tailor your approach according to the size and nature of your business.


  1. An Introduction to Energy Management
    • What is energy management?
    • Why should you manage energy?
    • What is Energy, Carbon and Environmental Management?
    • What does successful Energy Management look like?
    • Where to start with energy management?
  2. Understanding your Energy Culture
    • What is energy culture?
    • Why is energy culture important?
    • The Energy Institute’s – Hearts and Minds Programme
  3. Energy Management Systems (EnMS): Setting your Energy Policy and Strategy
    • Where to start when setting up your Energy Management System?
    • Setting your energy policy
    • What to put in your energy strategy?
    • Organising your Energy Team
  4. Energy Management: Choosing the Right Approach
    • Energy review and identify options
    • Common barriers to achieving an EnMS
  5. Next steps
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Published May 2019:

Information within this guide was correct at the time of publication.


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Energy Management Support

If you need support or advice on any of the topics covered within this guide, please contact us on 0117 379 0850 or email Our team of specialists will be able to provide advice on where to start and how to achieve your energy management goals.

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