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ESOS Phase 3 Deadline Extended to 5th June 2024

We would like to inform you that The Department of Energy Security and Net Zero, formerly known as BEIS, will be extending the deadline for ESOS Phase 3. The new deadline for compliance is deferred to June 5, 2024, which replaces the previous deadline of December 5, 2023. This extension is in response to recent changes requiring businesses to provide additional data to ensure compliance with ESOS regulations. We hope that this update is helpful and enables businesses to comply with the regulations effectively. If you would like to read our ESOS Guide, please download here.

What is the potential impact on our business?

Please be advised that the recent extension of the deadline for ESOS Phase 3 does not modify the qualification thresholds or date. As such, corporations and their affiliated groups that were categorized as “large” as of December 31, 2022, are still obligated to comply with the requirements.

The recent extension announced for organizations that meet the eligibility criteria for ESOS is indeed a matter of great significance. The provision of additional time to submit the required data is a welcome respite, particularly in light of recent changes that have increased the urgency to achieve compliance within the next six months. However, it is imperative to note that despite the extended timeframe, to procure the services of an ESOS lead assessor, prompt action remains essential, as the task of fulfilling the data requirements entails a considerable amount of effort. To secure the services of an ESOS specialist, you may schedule a consultation with one of our experts by completing the form provided below.

Our in-house ESOS Lead Assessors, Phil and Adeayo, will work alongside you through the entire process, advising you on the best route to compliance, helping you gather corporate, data and site information, conducting site surveys, identifying your significant energy consumption, compiling evidence and the directors the report required for compliance, and summarising all opportunities with future action suggestions. We are also available to support in monitoring and verifying the savings actualised from these opportunities leading up to the next phase of the scheme. Taking ESOS as an opportunity, ETS supports clients in saving energy costs immediately.

Final thoughts

At ETS, we provide a range of services inherent to reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions, using smart solutions. Our experienced team of Energy Managers are well-equipped with legacy systems and smart energy management tools that can continually monitor and respond to real-time granular energy consumption of your assets. We also house a team of ISO50001 lead assessors that can ensure that your business shows a robust commitment to energy and carbon management through a bespoke package that also reflects your business goals.

To discuss your requirements, get in touch. You can contact us by calling 0117 205 0542 or drop us an email at

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