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Understanding your Energy Culture This webinar discusses the importance of energy culture and what steps organisations can take to improve energy efficiency.

Key Learning Outcomes

• Understand the importance of energy culture
• Why energy culture is essential to any Energy Management System (EnMS)
• Gain an understanding of the Energy Institutes ‘Understanding your energy culture’ tool
• Identify where you currently sit on the energy culture ladder
• What the common barriers are to employee engagement
• Understand the journey and how to incentivise change
6 Nov, 201813:00 GMT1 hour
ESOS Phase II - Routes to Compliance This webinar discusses the best routes to ESOS compliance, common issues faced during ESOS Phase I and how to turn the cost of compliance into an opportunity. Key topics covered in this webinar include:

• ESOS Phase II Regulations
• Lessons learned from Phase I
• Routes to Compliance
• Turning the cost of compliance into an opportunity
• The importance of ‘Energy Culture’
• The future trajectory of the ESOS Regulations
13 Nov, 201813:30 GMT1 hour

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