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Managing your Building Services - A guide to SFG20 This webinar discusses the practical applications of SFG20 and how this tool can mitigate risk of potential conformance issues.

Key Learning Outcomes

• Gain an understanding of SFG20 and its practical applications to building maintenance
• Understand how SFG20 encourages good working practices
• Identify the types of legislation and regulation affecting property management
• Learn how SFG20 can help protect you from potential conformance issues
18 Dec, 201813:00 GMT1 hour
Annual Energy Management Survey Results Join us on Tuesday 22nd January 2019 at 15:00 – 15:30 where our Director for Ireland, John Kane, will be sharing the results from our first Annual Energy Management Survey.

Key Learning Outcomes

• Learn about the key challenges companies currently face with energy management
• Discover possible cost saving measures to improve building performance
• Identify conformance issue that could affect your business
22 Jan, 201915:00 GMT30 minutes