Smart Energy Management as a Service (SEMaaS)

ETS’ Smart Energy Management as a Service empowers those with drive to significantly reduce their energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Smart Energy Management tenaciously maintains the lowest consumption required for any business to reduce waste, reduce spend and increase performance.

Enhancing value

What is Smart Energy Management?

Through Smart data analytics, waste can be identified and through an engineer’s lens we formulate the actions required, thereby reducing costs and mitigating emissions whilst maintaining equipment performance. Using real time data analytics, knowledgeable engineering and inciteful thought processes, our technologies are ‘smart’ – not just clever but proper ‘SMART’.

Powering your success through a well thought through and proven process of WHY reduce, WHAT to reduce and HOW to reduce, data & engineering dynamics allow ETS to guarantee real operational savings.

What is Smart Energy Management?

The benefits of SEMaaS

  • Reduced energy costs
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Improved performance
  • Optimised systems for less energy waste
  • Increased return on investment
  • Ensure compliance
The benefits of SEMaaS

Why Choose ETS?

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ETS have been excelling in this for 25 years, serving some of the biggest household brands and this service is available to all companies sharing in the intelligence and experience gathered, enabling us to manage cost constraints. More than ever now we are balancing the drivers of business with the needs of humanity.

In a unique way, ETS blend data scientists, engineering knowledge, energy management and systems automation to form accurate informed judgements enforcing an accelerated emissions reduction pace.

Our Energy Management Contracts confirm that every £ spent with ETS will result in a multiple £ return in excess of 200%.

In respect of the energy ISO Plan-do-check-act, we have prefer to Plan-attack- review-attack any waste occurring. Aggressive and dogged is the only way to guarantee maintained saving and significant reduced emissions

Partner with us

Our approach is applicable to any sector

Whatever your sector, and no matter the size of your estate, we can assist you to drive forward energy, engineering and carbon performance – from individual buildings to 1000+ property portfolios, throughout the UK and Europe.

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