Darren Sears

Controls Engineer

Darren is a highly skilled controls engineer with extensive experience in the HVAC industry. With over 25 years of practical knowledge working in various commercial premises, offices, schools, and care homes, Darren brings a wealth of expertise in HVAC systems and controls.


With a focus on controls engineering, Darren has dedicated his career to the maintenance and fault finding of BMS (Building Management Systems), control panels, and associated HVAC plant equipment. His day-to-day responsibilities have included conducting maintenance activities on BMS systems, troubleshooting issues, carrying out controller upgrades, and implementing energy-saving initiatives. Darren possesses a deep understanding of HVAC plant operations and their control mechanisms, allowing him to effectively optimise their performance and efficiency.


Darren has involved in various projects throughout his career, including notable ones such as the Homebase and Argos projects. He led the Homebase 3-mode energy-saving works from start to completion, which involved conducting pre-works surveys, modifying and expanding BMS systems, and integrating HVAC systems. He also served as the lead engineer for the Homebase Last Man Out energy-saving works, optimizing energy consumption during out-of-hours periods. Additionally, he played a key role in the Argos BMS upgrades, retrofitting old control systems with Innotech solutions. Darren’s experience and skills make him a valuable asset to any team in the HVAC industry.

Darren Sears

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