George Tasker

HVAC engineer

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George joined ETS in 2023 as a highly skilled HVAC engineer with a strong background in Design Engineering.

He has four years of experience as a Pre-Sales Technical Support Engineer at Mitsubishi Electric, where he provided excellent technical support and generated precise quotes for their full product range. He is skilled in project management and communication, allowing him to manage workloads, meet key performance indicators, and deliver excellent customer service. George is committed to staying updated on product development and health and safety regulations.

Prior to this, George worked as an Engineer’s Assistant at Western Air Conditioning Services. This experience on busy construction sites provided them with a deeper understanding of build quality and various aspects of health and safety. Additionally, it helped George recognise the importance of accurate engineering drawings and the benefits of standardization in creating legible and detailed documentation.

George holds a BSc (Hons) degree in Design Engineering from Manchester Metropolitan University, where they achieved a first-class classification. During his final year at Manchester Metropolitan University, George developed a water purification system intended for use in developing countries. They conducted extensive research, performed material selection, utilised FEA (Finite Element Analysis) and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), and created prototypes to ensure the system’s feasibility and functionality.

George plays a crucial role in executing projects related to ETS. His areas of expertise include conducting feasibility studies, performing meticulous building performance audits, driving decarbonisation initiatives, and carrying out ESOS surveys. George takes immense pride in his work as he realises the profound impact he has on enhancing businesses’ capacity to reduce energy consumption and mitigate their environmental carbon footprint.

George Tasker

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