Matt Vossen-Barnes

Senior Consulting Engineer

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Matt has been an invaluable asset to ETS for several years. As the key account manager for our top retail company contract, he has successfully implemented energy-saving programs and provided valuable assistance to our commercial team. With a BSc (Hons) degree in Climate Change and Energy Management, Matt possesses the knowledge and expertise necessary to manage projects and drive energy management initiatives effectively. His areas of expertise include project management, LED lighting, HVAC systems, BEMs, refrigeration, and building performance optimization. With prior experience as a Store Manager for major retailers, Matt has a comprehensive understanding of the highly competitive retail industry and the challenges involved in enhancing operational efficiency while minimizing capital expenditure.


His exceptional skill set in the retail sector has led to his outstanding contributions to major programs. As the Project Coordinator, he has successfully overseen the completion of various energy initiatives across multiple sites. Matt takes charge of coordinating LED lighting upgrades, HVAC and refrigeration optimization, and BMS works, and acts as the primary contractor for project management once approved.


Matt has also been actively engaged in trials and assessments to improve energy efficiency. He participated in a solar film trial, evaluating the effectiveness of window films in reducing heat loss and solar heat gain. Additionally, he conducted a destratification trial assessment to explore the potential of utilizing destratification fans within large retail stores to improve ambient temperature and reduce HVAC load. He also led trials related to BEMs (Building Energy Management Systems) and EC fan walls, assessing their impact on pressurization, temperature control, and energy efficiency.

Matt Vossen-Barnes

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