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Technical Energy Centre (TEC) Service - Overview

Our Technical Energy Centre (TEC) is an integral part of our business, taking a data-led approach to Energy Management. Unique amongst our competitors, our Technical Energy Centre (TEC) combines the technical expertise of our Energy Data Analysts with world leading energy management tools.
From our Headquarters in Bristol, our team of Energy Data Analysts are remotely connected to thousands of sites, monitoring real-time energy consumption at site level to proactively respond to energy inefficiencies on a continual basis helping to increase operational performance and reduce capital expenditure. It is this unique combination of reporting and continual improvement which will lay-down the foundations to achieving an ISO 50001 certified Energy Management System.


Operating as a one-stop solution to energy management, our Technical Energy Centre is designed to identify and eliminate inefficiencies in building performance. Drawing on the expertise and skills of our Senior Consultants, our clients also benefit from access to specialist knowledge where further investigation is required.

Reduced Energy Consumption

Reduced Energy Consumption | Energy Technical Services

better control and visibility of energy consumption to target problem areas

data analysts that pro-actively respond to high consumption patterns to reduce waste and spend on energy

Reduced Energy Consumption | Energy Technical Services

Reduced Energy Consumption | Energy Technical Services

access to specialist knowledge and recommendation of suitable improvements

Competitive Advantage

Competitive Advantage | Energy Technical Services

work towards achieving an ISO 50001 certified Energy Management System

available support to achieve energy related compliance

Competitive Advantage | Energy Technical Services

Competitive Advantage | Energy Technical Services

tailored service to support your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives

How it works

After a site has been connected to our Technical Energy Centre (TEC), clients benefit from round the clock energy management and technical support. Our team of Energy Data Analysts will regularly review and analyse energy data to translate information pulled from various data points into actionable tasks; this is then fed into our energy reporting tool, and presented in a dashboard which displays real-time energy consumption as well as downloadable reports.
Utilising a suite of bespoke software tools, our TEC team can perform an array of functions on behalf of our clients on a proactive and reactive basis. Our TEC team boasts a team of experienced and fully qualified:
  • Chartered Energy Managers
  • Chartered Engineers
  • Low Carbon Consultants
  • Certified Measurement and Verification Professionals (CMVP)
  • ESOS Lead Assessors
  • ISO 50001 Lead Auditors

Technical Energy Centre (TEC)

Technical Energy Centre (TEC) | Energy Technical Services

TEC Implementation Guide

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The free ETS TEC implementation guide contains an overview of the benefits that come from TEC, a brief look at how it works and features of the service. 

How ETS Can Help

Energy management can be very complex, especially when dealing with a multi-site portfolio. It can often be difficult to make sense of energy data and translate it into actionable tasks. Our TEC team will not only report on energy consumption but provide guidance or lend expertise to make improvements to operational efficiency.

As market leaders in energy management, technical engineering consultancy and compliance, with a network of offices across the UK and Ireland, we are ideally positioned to help you drive operational cost reduction and risk mitigation programmes across your estate.

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