Technical Energy Centre

The combined technical expertise of our
Energy Data Analysts with
world leading energy management tools



Our Technical Energy Centre (TEC) is an integral part of our business, taking a data-led approach to Energy Management. Unique amongst our competitors, our Technical Energy Centre (TEC) combines the technical expertise of our Energy Data Analysts with world leading energy management tools for innovative technical energy solutions.

From our Headquarters in Bristol, our team of Energy Data Analysts are remotely connected to thousands of sites, monitoring real-time energy consumption at site level to proactively respond to energy inefficiencies on a continual basis helping to optimise operational performance and reduce capital expenditure. It is this unique combination of reporting and continual improvement which will lay-down the foundations to achieving an ISO 50001 certified Energy Management System.

Service Model

Utilising a suite of bespoke software tools, our TEC team can perform an array of functions on behalf of our clients on a proactive and reactive basis including remotely adjusting control settings, reporting on energy consumption and calculating the cause and effect of recommended energy saving initiatives, new technologies, operational and behavioural measures. The figure below illustrates how our TEC service works and what the outputs are.

Technical Energy Centre (TEC) | Energy Technical Services


Better control and visibility of energy consumption to target problem areas
Data analysts that pro-actively respond to high consumption patterns to reduce waste and spend on energy
Access to specialist knowledge who can recommend suitable improvements
Work towards achieving an ISO 50001 certified Energy Management System (EnMS)
Available support to achieve energy related compliance
Tailored service to support your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives


After a site has been connected to our TEC, clients benefit from continual energy management and technical support. Energy consumption from main and sub-meter data is regularly reviewed and monitored through our reporting systems. Weather data and building information is also collated and included within the TEC team’s energy data analysis to provide a detailed understanding of building performance. The TEC team then translates this information into actionable energy saving opportunities which either the client maintenance providers or our Consulting Engineers can manage through to resolution.

Energy consumption, alerts, project updates and downloadable reports are presented the ETS Energy Manager platform. Our data analysts utilise these tools to ensure energy saving opportunities are delivered successfully and monitor their progress.

Service Features

  • Provide energy reports which includes analysis from our Chartered Energy Managers, Chartered Engineers and Certified Measurement and Verification Professionals (CMVP)
  • Set up a complete Energy Management System (EnMS) to achieve ISO 50001 certification
  • Provide experienced ESOS Lead Assessors, ISO 50001 Lead Auditor to guide you to compliance
  • Lend specialist consultative support as you need it

Download our Guide

Our guide provides an overview of the key service features available through our Technical Energy Centre, including:

  • Portfolio consumption analytics 
  • aM&T - Opportunity identification
  • M&V project verification
  • Bespoke reporting suites

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