Connected Buildings

What are the main benefits of Smart Building Technology & Connected Building

Enhanced data and control connectivity not only provides inherent benefits, but also facilitates a number of downstream enhancements and improvements to building performance.

Remote access to building performance data enables instant insight into property asset performance and facilities management issues. We provide the ability for remote diagnostics and remedial actions (reducing exposure to call-out and site attendance costs) and the potential for bulk uploads of control strategy changes.

Enhanced data connectivity also facilitates verification of energy efficiency interventions and information gathering for ESG reporting – including GRESB and CDP.







Unlocking Smart Building Potential: Boosting Energy Performance through Enhanced Connectivity

Connectivity enhances insight and facilitates a smart buildings approach to energy performance.

Smart building technology not only improves energy efficiency and operational performance, but also provides more comfortable working environments for occupants – and the transition to advanced levels of control starts with improving building connectivity. 

Sensors, main meters, sub-meters and Building Management Systems (BMS) need to be able to share information on plant performance, user behaviour and energy consumption. It is also vital that the installed BMS is IoT-enabled to provide remote access to the site’s controls and building performance data.

Our end-to-end connectivity process ensures you receive a holistic and tailored solution to your specific portfolio requirements. We ensure that you are presented with the best options available and are provided with appropriate guidance on maintenance, serviceability and future-proofing.

Once a site is connected, our specialists then assist in setting the control parameters to your requirements to ensure operational and energy efficiency.

You subsequently benefit from our Technical Energy Centre and advanced data warehouse, utilising consumption data and a wide variety of related metrics to accurately track portfolio performance and enable deeper insight into areas to drive further efficiencies.


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