The Energy Auditing Scheme ('EAS')

What is the Energy Auditing Scheme?

The Energy Auditing Scheme (EAS) is a mandatory energy assessment scheme and it is a legal obligation for organisations in Ireland that meet the qualification criteria to have an energy audit completed.

Organisations that qualify for EAS must carry out an EAS assessment every 4 years to remain compliant. If you or any part of your corporate group meets either of the following conditions, you will need to comply with EAS Regulations:

• Employ 250 or more people.
• An annual turnover in excess of €50m and a balance sheet in excess of €43m.

Many businesses in Ireland have been captured by the EAS, and for those that may have missed the deadlines required for previous rounds of the regulations, or were unaware of their existence, the SEAI (the regulator) are now issuing notifications of non-compliance – and requiring those businesses to undertake works immediately to address this.

At ETS, we have helped many businesses through this process, and are perfectly positioned to assist, no matter what your business’s sector.

If you would like to discuss how ETS Ireland can help you achieve compliance, call our Business Unit Director John Kane on 087 0525 358, or email for a quotation.

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