An innovative solution for balancing people and planet under climate emergency.

In recent times, we as people have endured so many problems such as the COVID-19 Pandemic and the UK Recession which has disrupted our day-to-day life. Whilst the pandemic served as a catalyst for positive change to the environment with the imposed lockdowns and travel restrictions, we are still far from reaching our Net-Zero Target. Alongside that, many people and businesses remain financially stricken from the pandemic and recession, leaving them to reshuffle their priorities in pursuit of recovery and financially stability. However, the question is, what can be done to help both the people and planet effectively and simultaneously?

People and planet have always posed a complex and interrelated challenge. There are limited opportunities to find the perfect combination which can bring eye-opening results and positive, long-term outcomes. Fortunately, smart energy management proposes a holistic concept that simultaneously helps protect the planet and recognizes the value of people’s wellbeing. It comprises of monitoring, controlling, optimizing, and maintaining operational performances of businesses and other entities through means of smart technology and software tools.

Smart solutions such as Building Management Systems (BMS) is a computer-based control system with IoT-enabled, which effectively enables remote access to a fully managed, streamlined system. This optimizes control over electrical-consuming equipment and helps identify opportunities to reduce energy usage. With the integration of BMS, one can monitor and control the internal conditions of a building such as air provision, temperature, and humidity which can mitigate any health risks for occupants. Also, one can also continually monitor other key parameters such as CO2 levels, VOC levels, particulates, ambient light, and ambient which can ensure that people are kept safe, healthy, and productive.

Ultimately, Smart energy management serves to meet the SDG agenda using innovative and smart solutions. Therefore, it will help businesses and other entities to implement effective strategies that can transcend to a sustainable future, people, and planet.

How can ETS help? 

At ETS, sustainability, smart energy management and environmentalism are the cornerstone of our company, to which we recognize as the utmost importance to protecting the planet and serving to improve the quality of life. Our suite of bespoke smart energy management tools and solutions can facilitate you on that journey and provide you with any assistance to ensuring an effective change. 

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