Case Study: Circle K – 26% Annual Energy Savings Achieved

For the past twenty years, Energy and Technical Services’ clients have been availing of our extensive energy cost saving and building services experience within the multi-site retail and commercial sectors across the UK, Ireland, and Continental Europe. We specialise in saving our clients money on energy costs, remotely managing energy systems, and being a trusted energy management advisor and partner.

Circle K is an international chain of convenience stores, and is owned and operated by the Canadian company Alimentation Couche-Tard. Circle K employs over 130,000 employees globally and has 16,000 stores in over 20 countries worldwide.

With such a vast property portfolio, controlling energy costs and consumption is a priority for the group. To address this, Circle K launched a program to identify a trusted advisor that would help them achieve control and oversight of their energy consumption across Scandinavia, the Baltics, Poland, and Ireland in a cost-effective manner.

Given the wide geographical spread of locations, Circle K needed a system that could be replicated with minimal complexity across wildly differing climates and temperature ranges.

In addition, the offering would need to have the capability to be accessed, monitored, and optimised remotely.

ETS recognises that choosing the right hardware partner to enable remote control and monitoring is critical to the success of any cost saving solution. Having spoken with a number of hardware providers and reviewed a number of options internally and externally, ETS identified a global building controls hardware expert that is trusted by the world’s leading retailers. The systems proposed by ETS are open protocol and are consistent with our philosophy of remaining technology agnostic, ensuring service flexibility and competitive supply chains for our clients.

ETS has commissioned and installed a best-in-class, cost-optimal solution which combines hardware, software and energy management expertise to deliver efficient operation of energy systems (preventing heating/cooling systems operating against each other), detailed energy sub-metering analysis, supports regulatory HACCP compliance, and a service provision that will monitor and manage HVAC and refrigeration system performance to enable continual improvements and additional cost savings.

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Our solution is driven, not by technology and hardware, but by experienced engineers and data analysts who know what to do with the information being provided and understand how energy can be controlled and reduced in a sustainable manner – in essence, ETS provide the intelligence on top of the hardware that delivers quantifiable, and proven results for Circle K.

ETS have delivered 26% total annual energy savings since commissioning, resulting in energy cost savings of €16,126 per annum at the trial site.

The entire project simple payback is less than 1.5 years –and less than 1 year based on energy saving projects alone i.e. excluding refrigeration temperature monitoring equipment.

ETS has the proven experience and expertise within the multinational retail sector to roll-out pan-European wide site energy management programmes. We have proven examples of where we have integrated into other multi-national, blue-chip retail organisations and managed substantial volumes of project costs and data points.

We are confident that we can provide a best-in-class, robust and resilient system that will provide our clients with significant, long term energy cost savings, in addition to control and oversight of their extended property portfolios and would welcome the opportunity to discuss options for your property portfolio.

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