Beckfoot School – HVAC & Compliance Review

Client: Beckfoot School, Bradford

Value: £12,500

Duration: 4 weeks

Role: Consulting Engineer; Technical Specialist

System / Service: HVAC; Condition Surveys; Compliance Review

Project Scope

As an initial project, ETS attended site and completed an initial survey of the existing HVAC systems following numerous complaints of heating issues. The survey included an inspection of O&M information, a non-intrusive inspection of HVAC plant and equipment as well as analysis of the BeMS. On completion, a detailed report was issued containing information on the suitability of the plant, current plant condition, standard of maintenance and BeMS strategy.

Following this, we carried out a desktop-based analysis of the existing ‘as fitted’ drawings and supplementary documentation provided to identify if the installed ventilation systems met the Department of Education Design & Build standards and regulations guidelines. The survey covered a pre-selected area of the school identified by our Technical Energy Centre (TEC) as poor performing.

Key Challenges

Both reports were presented to various stakeholders including school Governors, Teachers, M&E contractors and Department of Education Consulting representatives, therefore, the information presented needed to be easy to read and understandable for a technical & non-technical audience.

Added Value / Achievements

The client was provided with a better understanding of how the HVAC system works and its limitations along with a detailed review of the current condition of the plant and controls. Recommended action points, remedial works and solutions were also presented to resolve the heating issues identified.

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