Sainsburys – LED and HVAC Upgrade

Client: Sainsburys

Value: £265k

Duration: 10 weeks

Role: Project Management; Energy Consultancy; Consulting Engineering; CDM-C

System / Service: LED Lighting; Refrigeration; HVAC systems; BMS & Controls

Project Scope

As part of Sainsbury’s 20 by 20 Sustainability Plan, Graphite 6, ETS was appointed as the main contractor to project manage improvement works to the Plymouth Armada Centre Superstore.

After completing a comprehensive survey of the store, ETS identified four key energy saving initiatives which comprised LED lighting upgrades, optimising refrigeration, air source heat pump replacements and replacement of plug fans to the Air Handling Unit (AHU).

Works involved replacing the existing T5, T8 and T12 lights on the sales floor, along with back of house, external canopy and car park lights to LED. The refrigeration time control settings were reset to the correct schedules and the existing air source heat pump units (operating on electric heater batteries), were replaced to more efficient systems.

In addition, a new 15kWh plug fan was installed to replace the old 18.5 kWh belt driven fan and motor to the AHU.

Key Challenges

Works had to be completed in a single phase at night to ensure trade was not impacted. ETS was instrumental in coordinating the works through close consultation with subcontractors and client representatives.

Added Value / Achievements

ETS deployed several approved specialist subcontractors to further interrogate/investigate the energy saving initiatives proposed, to ensure the anticipated savings were as accurate as possible. The energy savings delivered by the combined works was 413,620 kWh equating to £43,017 pa with a store energy reduction of 20% and an approximate pay back of 4.46 years.

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