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BNP Paribas Real Estate – HVAC & BeMS Upgrade

Energy & Technical Services were appointed by BNP to improve the comfort conditions and reduce operational expenditure at 1 Colmore Row, a nine-storey commercial office in central Birmingham.

The existing HVAC system was operating at less than 50% capacity and nearing end of life, resulting in a number of tenant complaints. After reviewing the condition of the existing HVAC system and BMS controls, our consultants determined the most appropriate solution would be to replace the failing variable air HVAC system, install four pipe fan coils units from the central heating and cooling services, and replace the ceiling grid, lighting, local and central BeMS controls. Our in-house specialists produced the specification, competitively tendered and project managed the works.


Careful consideration was required to overcome a number of key challenges during the delivery of this scheme. The existing building energy  management system (BeMS) was obsolete and significant works were required to both replace the existing, and manage the commissioning of the new, in a phased manner. In addition, the building had undergone a number of tenant alterations over the years which had not been recorded against the original design specification.

It was essential that the building remained fully operational whilst the works were carried out. Early stakeholder engagement with client representatives and tenants ensured that works did not disrupt the existing tenants. Phased works also ensured the impact to comfort conditions where minimised.

Added Value / Achievements

Our consultants’ valuable product and building knowledge ensured our client was presented with the best options available and provided with appropriate guidance on maintenance / service ability. As a result, the project was completed on time and within budget.

HVAC upgrade while estate remained operational

high-level Maintenance guidance provided


Woodie’s – Decarbonisation & Energy Performance Audit

In this case study, we provided a proven method to enable Woodie's to decarbonise its portfolio, and budgetary figures were obtained to allow the implementation of decarbonisation replacement/installations. Our proposed photovoltaic solution can enable the production of circa 70,000kWh of electricity annually. There is also a suggested destratification system, achieving savings of up to 20% in heating costs.

The Fulham Shore – ESOS Compliance & Consultation

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme is compulsory for large UK organisations. A total of 29,610,620kWh opportunities were identified for The Fulham Shore, resulting in 31,783,515 Kg of emissions being saved.

Woodie’s – Significant Cost Savings & Ongoing Support

Woodie’s is a 100% Irish owned chain of DIY outlets, and a subsidiary of the Grafton Group plc. Woodie’s are committed to minimising their environmental impact and with 35 stores in Ireland, sought external expertise to help establish control of energy usage and deliver deep, sustained energy and carbon savings.