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Sainsbury's – Performance Auditing & Project Management

As part of Reset 6 (Sainsbury’s 20 by 20 Sustainability plan), Energy & Technical Services was appointed to undertake an energy survey of the Dulwich Superstore (47,606 sqft).

Our initial desktop survey from our data scientists identified the store lighting had been on 24/7 after being left in override for 2 years. After deploying a Consultant Engineer to investigate at site, we discovered a number of keys areas where energy savings could be achieved, including operational behavioural issues alongside a number of technical problems.

The existing lighting comprised T8 florescent lights, recess spotlights, down-lighters and florescent tubes in the chilled / frozen cabinets. Much of the cross-shop lighting was below Sainsbury’s lux specifications resulting in dark areas across the sales floor. In addition, the existing controls were inadequate and not achieving lighting levels specifications.


Careful consideration was required when proposing suitable dimming controls. Energy & Technical Services worked with client representatives and various stakeholders to ensure the appropriate lighting levels were achieved.

Added Value / Achievements

As a result of our recommendations, the Dulwich store was included in the allocation of the LED lighting programme to resolve the issues highlighted by our consultant. After works were completed, complaints from staff and customers were reduced and the store saw a significant reduction in energy consumption.

Operational behvaiour improved & Technical issue solved

LED lighting programme


The Fulham Shore – ESOS Compliance & Consultation

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme is compulsory for large UK organisations. A total of 29,610,620kWh opportunities were identified for The Fulham Shore, resulting in 31,783,515 Kg of emissions being saved.

Woodie’s – Significant Cost Savings & Ongoing Support

Woodie’s is a 100% Irish owned chain of DIY outlets, and a subsidiary of the Grafton Group plc. Woodie’s are committed to minimising their environmental impact and with 35 stores in Ireland, sought external expertise to help establish control of energy usage and deliver deep, sustained energy and carbon savings.

Wokingham Borough Council – 49% Proven energy savings

The existing BeMS controls for the site were poorly controlling the LTHW boilers across various plant rooms at the site, some plant areas were found to be running 24hrs a day. The existing building controls were removed and replaced with RDM controls utilising improved optimum start/stop algorithms, alongside demand-based temperature control and vastly improved zone control.