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Sainsbury's – Superstore Upgrade with 20% energy reduction

Energy & Technical Services delivered a number of energy saving initiatives as part of Reset 7, Sainsbury’s 20 by 20 Sustainability Plan, comprising upgrades to the refrigeration packs, sales floor / back of house lighting, cold aisle heating, HVAC fans, BMS controls and store pressurisation to a 62,766 sqft Superstore.

The inefficient and aging F-Gas screw packs and associated condensers were replaced with new scroll pack internal units with external air-cooled condensers, F&R pipework and controls.

The existing T8 lights on the sales floor and back of house were replaced to LED and a new 22KW plug fan was installed to the HVAC unit. Works also included installing LPHW boilers and heating coils into the Air Handling Unit (AHU) as well as DHW calorifiers to boost heating requirements especially for the cold aisles. The existing Trend BMS set points / time schedules were also reset to improve energy efficiency.


To enable the refrigeration plant installation and replacement, cabinets needed to be de-merchandised overnight during 2 weekends. Close consultation with multiple subcontractors, consultants and client representatives was essential to ensure all the various works / upgrades were completed out of hours and on time, so that trade was not impacted.

Added Value / Achievements

The combined works provided a pay back within 4.68 years with a store energy reduction of 20%.


20% of energy reduction


Woodie’s – Decarbonisation & Energy Performance Audit

In this case study, we provided a proven method to enable Woodie's to decarbonise its portfolio, and budgetary figures were obtained to allow the implementation of decarbonisation replacement/installations. Our proposed photovoltaic solution can enable the production of circa 70,000kWh of electricity annually. There is also a suggested destratification system, achieving savings of up to 20% in heating costs.

The Fulham Shore – ESOS Compliance & Consultation

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme is compulsory for large UK organisations. A total of 29,610,620kWh opportunities were identified for The Fulham Shore, resulting in 31,783,515 Kg of emissions being saved.

Woodie’s – Significant Cost Savings & Ongoing Support

Woodie’s is a 100% Irish owned chain of DIY outlets, and a subsidiary of the Grafton Group plc. Woodie’s are committed to minimising their environmental impact and with 35 stores in Ireland, sought external expertise to help establish control of energy usage and deliver deep, sustained energy and carbon savings.