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Savills – Energy & Compliance Auditing

Savills had recently taken over the management of four prestige office buildings within prime, Dublin City Centre locations.

One of the buildings was recently commissioned and occupied. The other three had been occupied for 15+ years with commensurately aged HVAC equipment.

Savills wanted to ensure all four buildings were operationally robust and energy efficient, as well as legally compliant.


Our engineering consultant with extensive experience in building services and HVAC systems was deployed to review each site. A detailed analysis into the performance of the four buildings was undertaken; this comprised site surveys, planned preventative maintenance audits, energy benchmarking and Building Energy Management System (BeMS) and Controls audit.

Added Value / Achievements

A detailed audit report was compiled and presented to Savills for each of the four buildings. Within each report contained step-by-step recommendations on how to reduce energy consumption for the short, medium and long term. The recommendations presented also included areas for improvement from an engineering perspective, covering current PPM performance and potential conformance issues.

Ensured the best energy performance for estates


“XXX must play its part in addressing risks of climate change through reducing our carbon footprint and impact on the planet. We chose to partner with XXX to support us to develop an emissions reduction roadmap and set credible and robust Science Based targets.”
Head of Sustainability, XXX Company


Midcounties Co-Operative – Solar Panel Installation Assessment

This project aimed to understand how solar PV installation will benefit the client long term. We have identified the yield and efficiency of solar PV and what the cost of repurposing a number of solar PV panels that were in storage specifically for Co-op. This developed into a compatibility study for solar panel installation across 44 sites.

Date Palm Developments – Complete Building Solutions

Date Palm Developments (DPD) approached ETS to design, install, and commission a new Building Management System (BMS) for their proposed "Ottons Lab." Given the complex nature of the facility, which specialises in plant cloning, highly detailed designs relating to HVAC controls and operational security were necessary to maintain optimal conditions for both plant growth and occupant comfort in the office areas.

BNP Paribas – Simulated Power Failure

The power test was successful with back-up power supplies, fire alarms, emergency lighting, pedestrian access systems all operating as expected during power failure. All equipment operated correctly and efficiently when power was reinstated.