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Corporate Responsibility Reporting – What are the options?

What Is Corporate Responsibility Reporting?

Corporate Responsibility Reporting (CRR) enables your organisation to issue detailed information to key stakeholders regarding the impact that your business operations are having across all areas of the ‘sustainability’ agenda, and provides the means to show how your firm is contributing to a sustainable global economy.

CRR primarily focuses on 4 key pillars; Economic, Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance – in order to set organisational goals and inform strategy across these areas to ensure your company manages its impacts effectively and holistically.

Depending on the type of organisation you represent, the requirements of your report may differ.

Some companies will simply require reporting to meet mandatory requirements, such as SECR, ESOS and other legislative triggers; whereas others will be looking to voluntarily disclose their performance in a more holistic manner, providing a more balanced overview of performance against the key pillars across the business.

What are the Benefits of Corporate Responsibility Reporting?

We know that sustainability and social responsibility are two of the biggest issues that businesses currently face, and the demand from both customers and shareholders for organisations to be proactive in these areas is growing fast.

Whilst the idea that an organisation could be opening itself up to scrutiny by publishing CRR is a common concern, the benefits that CRR can provide to both short-term and long-term goals, alongside improvements to public and internal perceptions of the business, can be extremely valuable.

Because of this, transparency with this reporting is key and can give a competitive edge for any organisation looking to align with increased market interest in sustainability performance across all sectors. The more companies can be seen to be engaging with, and acting upon issues around sustainability, the more opportunity there is to reflect on these findings and positively message the values of the business to both internal staff and stakeholders, and the wider market.

Additionally, as investment decisions are increasingly factoring-in the performance of a business around the key pillars of sustainability, authentic action accompanied by well-produced and focussed CRR can have a hugely positive effect on the ability of an organisation to attract third-party capital.

Taking these factors in to account, CRR can ultimately help improve your organisation’s ability to increase trust from both the public and shareholders, provide transparency, and improve the attractiveness of the business to potential investors.

Our Corporate Responsibility Reporting Offering

At ETS, we understand the benefits of CRR and the need for reporting to be robust, authentic, transparent and easily understandable by shareholders and customers alike.

Our offering ensures that we provide accurate, actionable data collated by our expert analytics team so that your organisation gets the exact information you need in a format that suits your business and industry.

Annual reporting support is also available to ensure we monitor the changes you make, and the success it brings, but to also identify potential opportunities to ensure that your company is always looking to improve and capitalise on savings for the future.

How Can ETS Help Your Business?

If your business has CRR requirements or if you’d like to find out more about our reporting options, please get in touch with our expert team by calling 0117 205 0545 or email

Final thoughts

If you are looking for an energy management system that is tailored to your business needs, ETS can provide you with 25 years of experience in dramatically improving energy efficiency and reducing environmental impacts. Whether your businesses have individual assets or large international portfolios, ETS can assist you in saving substantial amounts of money while significantly reducing your carbon performance.

To discuss your requirements, get in touch. You can contact us by calling 0117 205 0542 or drop us an email at

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