BMS & Automation

Main Benefits:

Harnessing the best technology available combined with a holistic view of building and portfolio dynamics, deployment of advanced smart buildings, BMS and control technologies enables new levels of insight and performance.

As a leading systems integrator, we provide you with a clear route to smart building status, integrating legacy systems with the latest IoT solutions. We optimise fixed building equipment control, enhance internal comfort conditions and facilitate predictive maintenance of building services plant – with a firm focus on significantly reducing operational cost and carbon. 





Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Carbon Reduction

Carbon Reduction

Our smart buildings approach to automation optimises control over operational cost and carbon, while promoting occupant health and wellbeing.

As businesses across all sectors become increasingly attuned to the smart building agenda, and the significant opportunities that are available for cost efficiency, improved environmental performance and to protect occupant health and wellbeing; the need for specialist and experienced advice regarding Building Management Systems and advanced controls has never been greater.

All buildings, and the assets within them, provide multiple data points that, when analysed correctly, enable our team to tailor smart buildings solutions that are cost-effective and transformative.

With complete independence from any system or manufacturer, we provide you with a technology-agnostic full market view, to ensure the specification for systems that we recommend are robust, tested and future-proofed – integrating new technology, whilst also making the best of the systems already installed.

With in-house panel building expertise, our Automation consultants provide a holistic service from design and specification, installation and commissioning, to maintenance and seasonal tuning – with quality panels that are bespoke for each individual project.


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